For 30 years, James Golden, AKA “Bo Snerdley,” served as conservative radio host legend Rush Limbaugh’s right-hand man, as well as his close friend. Golden was there from the beginning of Rush’s show to the final, tearful moments.

Since Rush’s passing in 2021 from lung cancer, Golden has helped carry on Rush’s legacy through many various endeavors, including his popular radio show on WABC, “Bo Snerdley’s Rush Hour,” and his bestselling book “Rush on the Radio.”

Golden was far more than just Rush’s “sidekick,” however. He has profound insights on many of the issues American voters are facing today and his many years of experience lend him credibility and wisdom that make him a formidable force in the arena of conservative politics.

I was able to ask Golden about his thoughts on the upcoming midterm election as well as some of the most important issues facing voters now. Much like his predecessor, his words were optimistic, encouraging and inspirational.

Today, we are featuring part one of a three-part interview where Golden shares his views on what Rush would have to say to his listeners today, what issues voters are likely to care about most when they cast their ballots on Tuesday, the possibility of a Red Wave, and much more:

With the midterms fast approaching and our country in such a state of chaos, so often conservatives would turn to Rush for his words of wisdom and reassurance at a time like this. Knowing Rush as well as you did, what do you think he would have to say about how this upcoming election is looking for the right, and what words of wisdom or reassurance do you think he would have to offer?

Well, I don’t know what Rush would say. I was never good at predicting it even after 30 years. And every time I thought I would know what he would say, he’d come out and say something that was completely different or some angle that was uniquely his. That was one of his skill sets. He had a unique way of looking at the world. He had a unique way of looking at current events, news of the day, and of the political process.

But we do know, all of us know, that listened to him, that he would be just as perturbed as we are looking at some of the events taking place in the country. And given the choice of the liberal, progressive, socialist agenda that the left has wholeheartedly embraced, he would want to see them lose and lose handily. That much we do know.

And we also know given his track record, he would be an optimist. One of the last things he told a caller, the last time he answered the question, “Is it time to panic yet,” …and that was a question people asked him a number of times over the years… and the last time he answered that question, “No. It’s never time to panic. America is always worth saving.”

I noticed the other day Rush was trending on Twitter, and of course, the left had the usual hateful, vile things to say, even in his passing.

And I ignore that. I ignore it. Because it just shows you what the left is about. You know, you look at the way they treated President Trump, look at the way they treated Rush, go back, look at the way they treated Reagan, look at the way they treated Gerald Ford, look at the way they’ve treated every Republican within the last 30-40 years. Look at the way they treat nominees to the Supreme Court, look at the way they treat elected officials who they don’t agree with.

It’s so funny to see The Washington Post, The New York Times, and all these other mainstream news publications so upset and trying to raise the alarm that democracy is in peril… but look at how they ignored Antifa out on the streets of Portland for months at a time, New York City… and now look what’s taking place in the midterm election. In spite of all their protestations, despite all their cover-ups of what the left actually does, people that are voting apparently are able to see through it. That should be something that we, at least, can feel optimistic about.

Do you feel there’s a sense of the left having gone too far so that people are leaving the Democrat party, like Tulsi Gabbard?

I do… Look, I don’t know whether people are as fed up as some of us are but look at the interview Joe Biden did (on Sunday, 11/23) with the man/woman that is very obviously dysphoric and wants to be a woman, desperately, but that doesn’t change your DNA. And… Biden said that states have no right to interfere with genital mutilations and giving children irreversible doses of Lupron, which was never meant as a sex change drug, but was rather meant to fight cancers.

People look at this stuff and they may not be very vocal about it because we all know in this culture you can easily get canceled for any misstep… but they say to themselves, “What in the hell has happened to this country? Why is this a priority?” And at the same time, you have Nancy Pelosi saying that when people complain about inflation, change the subject, because it’s not a real subject.

So, the things that do matter to most Americans- how am I going to put food on the table, what’s happening to my portfolio, what’s happening to the future of my retirement plans or the best laid economic plans I’ve made for me and my family, the Democrats tell you, “Ignore that.”

They tell you to ignore the crime that’s in the cities. Anybody that looks at the crime going on in any of these cities is aghast. In New York, people pushing innocent people on the subway tracks almost on a daily basis. The murders, the rapes, the mayhem, the borders not being secure, people (sneaking) into this country in record-breaking numbers while this administration twiddles its thumbs.

People see all of this stuff, and people are going to vote based on many of these factors- on crime, on the economy, no matter what they say. So, they can continue to have their priorities as to try to demonize parents that are concerned that schools are pushing critical race theory, or they’re trying to sexualize very young children, but the voters are aware and watching all of this and we’ll see what kind of referendum this is on the left’s agenda versus what the rest of America wants. And these people can smear Rush in his death, they can do everything they want, but they cannot stop people from looking at the truth.

Do you think (the left) might be in for another shock like we were in 2016 when Trump won, and they were taken aback by how many people did not agree with them?

Look, this has the potential to be one of the biggest wave elections in recent memory. You have places that are not normally on the table for Republican victories. Oregon is in what the left would call in danger of flipping. I just read today that “the mom in tennis shoes,” Patty Murray is in trouble. That race is now within the margin of error.

They felt sure that Warnock would be able to just run rings around Herschel Walker. That hasn’t happened. In fact, the debate performance, even many on the left said they overestimated Warnock’s abilities and underestimated Walker’s to make a coherent argument. So, this could be a wave. I don’t want to pull out the crystal ball and say, “Here are the numbers,” but I think right now as it stands, and anything can happen, that we might be looking at a larger gain in the Senate than most of the pundits forecast. Rick Scott the other day said he could see a 5-seat margin. I think that’s a very real possibility. On the House, people are talking of upwards of a 30-seat margin, which would mean about 60 seats changing. This could be huge.

For more information on Golden and his illustrious career in radio and politics, visit his website at Check out his radio show “Rush Hour” and podcasts here, and read more about his bestselling book “Rush on the Radio” here.

Coming up next in part two: How the Left fails on abortion, BLM, and Biden!

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