Hispanic voters should never forget when their First Lady compared them to a breakfast taco.

Especially when leaders like Mayra Flores are front and center doing their part to REMIND THEM. Seems the Democrat-controlled Congressional Hispanic Caucus has rejected Flores … we’re not surprised by this at all and it seems she isn’t either.

Of course, she’s very clever and used this as an opportunity to take us back to a time when Jill Biden screwed up in a GRANDE way:

Jill wears those racist, Democrat stripes proudly.

And it sounds like the so-called Congressional Hispanic Caucus is doing their part to isolate and discriminate against Hispanic politicians who don’t fall in line with them politically.

Stay classy, Democrats.

Crazy times we’re living in.

There it is.

If only Mayra was more Latinx than Latina.


Fair enough.

Oh, and we’re not comparing Hispanics to breakfast tacos so we have that going for us as well.



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