The Arizona race is really heating up … and it’s Democrat Katie Hobbs who’s getting burned. To a crisp.

Hobbs has been running away from Lake for a while now. She’s been even more reluctant to debate Kari Lake than John Fetterman’s been to debate Dr. Mehmet Oz, and that’s really saying something.

When you really stop and look at Hobbs’ record, though, it’s pretty obvious why she’s so scared. And you’d better believe that Kari Lake’s campaign is going to expose any ugly little nugget they can find (and there are many, no doubt). That’s what they’ve done with this ad:

Talonya Adams, Hobbs’ former staffer, was insistent enough that she’d been a victim of race and sex discrimination that she decided to pursue a lawsuit against Hobbs. From December 2021:

In preparing a formal notice of claim, Adams said that Hobbs, by her statements and implications, has deliberately given people the impression that she is incompetent. More to the point, she said that Hobbs, who is running for governor, continues to assert that Adams was fired in 2015 for legitimate reasons.

The move comes as Adams held a press conference on the patio of the federal courthouse where a jury last month awarded her $2.75 million in damages for both racial and gender discrimination as well as for retaliation for complaining about her salary being less than white male staffers with similar backgrounds.

That reward, as required by federal law, was reduced to a maximum of $300,000. Now Adams hopes to get a separate jury, this time in state court, to conclude that the statements Hobbs has made were knowingly false.

Adams also took the opportunity to say that Hobbs, currently the secretary of state, is unfit to be governor. More to the point, she said that, using a dictionary definition, Hobbs is a racist.

Hobbs declined to comment.

Katie Hobbs already wasn’t fit to be governor. Alleged racial discrimination probably won’t help boost her popularity. Katie might want to start working on her concession speech, assuming she hasn’t already.

It’s not a great look for Katie Hobbs. But honestly, at this point, it may not even matter:



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