12:00 PM
Oct 27, 2022

Opinion: New Democratic strategy before the midterm elections: Deny crime exists

As crime abounds in major cities and voters continue to cite violence as a top concern , liberals may have a new strategy: deny it exists.

Democratic St. Louis Mayor Tishaura Jones tried this recently after the personal finance website WalletHub declared her city the most dangerous in the United States.

“We know the region as a whole is very safe,” Jones said. She also told the media , “I don’t get my news from a place that does credit bureau reporting.”

“WalletHub doesn’t live here, and isn’t here, but if they take random statistics from random newspapers, then of course,” Jones said. “You’re only looking at a population of 300,000 people, so those rates are going to seem like it’s violent.”

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12:00 PM
Oct 27, 2022

Republican Bolduc previews strategy for election fraud gripe ahead of debate

New Hampshire Republican Senate contender Don Bolduc previewed his strategy to tackle election fraud concerns during his upcoming debate with Sen. Maggie Hassan (D-NH).

Should Hassan knock him over election denialism, Bolduc plans to sidestep the issue.

“Quite frankly, I’m just gonna completely avoid it,” Bolduc told conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt.

Previously, Bolduc has given mixed signals on whether he believes the 2020 election was stolen. In August, for example, he didn’t mince words, “Trump won the election, and d*** it, I stand by my oath.”

But then shortly after clinching the GOP nod for Senate, he appeared to change his tune, telling Fox News the “election was not stolen.”

Bolduc and Hassan are set to clash in a debate at noon.

Hassan is favored to win the race in multiple forecasts, but polling has been tight, with Hassan have a 3.4-point edge over her Republican foe, per the latest RealClearPolitics polling aggregate.

11:39 AM
Oct 27, 2022

Oz campaign trolls Fetterman for closed captioning complaint, offering debate redo

The Senate campaign for Dr. Mehmet Oz in Pennsylvania trolled Democratic opponent John Fetterman after the Democratic candidate’s campaign complained that the closed captioning system used during their Tuesday debate was faulty, offering to meet in a second debate for a redo.

“We’re sorry to hear that the Fetterman campaign was unhappy with how the closed captioning system that they requested was working on Tuesday. We’re happy to do a second debate any time,” the Oz campaign said in a statement.

Fetterman’s campaign team praised his performance during Tuesday’s candidate debate, noting he did “remarkably well” despite technical difficulties with the closed captioning system set up to assist him during the event.

“We are thrilled with John’s performance,” Fetterman’s campaign said in a statement shortly after the debate ended. “He did remarkably well tonight — especially when you consider that he’s still recovering from a stroke and was working off of delayed captions filled with errors.”

Moderators of the debate allowed the use of closed captioning so Fetterman could read and respond to questions more easily due to an auditory processing disorder caused by a stroke he suffered in mid-May. However, Fetterman still struggled through some of his answers, taking long pauses between responses and stumbling over certain phrases.

11:30 AM
Oct 27, 2022

Ballot paper shortage may cause problems on Election Day

Shortages of paper ballots may put Election Day in a vulnerable state as the early voting process continues in 34 states.

The 2022 election cycle is expected to use 30 million pounds of paper. National stockpiles are pinched due to soaring demand and a shortage of manufacturers during the pandemic, leaving a limited amount of room for errors, such as editing mistakes or large-scale misprints, per ABC News.

Due to transitions from print to digital, paper mills have been forced to shut down as demand has dropped.

The shortage is expected to continue into 2023. At the beginning of this year, the Election Assistance Commission sent a message out to election offices warning them of the paper shortage and told them that last-minute orders might not be fulfilled.

Several election officials stated to ABC News that absentee ballots also proved a challenge, as some wouldn’t know how many people needed a ballot until 60 days before Nov. 8.

11:00 AM
Oct 27, 2022

WATCH: Fox News host grills Herschel Walker on possibility of more abortion allegations

Fox News host Bret Baier pushed GOP Senate nominee Herschel Walker on Wednesday about the possibility of more abortion allegations coming to light in the final two weeks of the election cycle.

Walker, who has been bogged down by two different reports that he paid for multiple exes to get abortions, reiterated his claim that the abortion allegations were lies and should not be considered when it comes to the election.

“I’ve moved on in my campaign because we’re worried about what the Georgia people are talking about. … I’ve said this is a lie. I’ve moved on, and they want me to play these guessing games and all this. But I’m not into that. I’m into winning this great seat back for the great people of Georgia because that’s what this is about,” Walker said.

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10:30 AM
Oct 27, 2022

Law enforcement groups to rally for Mike Lawler in bid to unseat DCCC Chairman Sean Patrick Maloney

Several law enforcement groups are set to hold a campaign rally in support of Republican Mike Lawler, who is running to unseat Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney in New York’s 17th Congressional District.

The event comes as Maloney’s reelection chances have become uncertain, with the nonpartisan Cook Political Report shifting the race from leaning Democratic to being deemed a toss-up. A loss for Maloney would be a major pickup for Republicans as the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee chairman is one of the top lawmakers in the party.

The groups are scheduled to meet on Thursday at 3:15 p.m. at Pearl River Memorial Park.

10:00 AM
Oct 27, 2022

Jill Biden to campaign for Democrats in Manchester and Portsmouth

Jill Biden, wife of Vice President Joe Biden, welcomes guests to a holiday reception for service members, veterans, and their families, Wednesday, Dec. 3, 2014, at the Vice President’s residence, The U.S. Naval Observatory in Washington. (AP Photo/Cliff Owen)

Cliff Owen

First lady Jill Biden will campaign for several Democrats across New Hampshire this weekend, including Sen. Maggie Hassan and Reps. Annie Kuster and Chris Pappas.

Biden will join New Hampshire Democratic organizers and grassroots volunteers on Sunday, according to a press release. The goal is to campaign for Democrats “up and down the ballot.”

“With New Hampshire Republicans running on an extreme agenda of ending Social Security and Medicare, overturning our elections, and enacting a nationwide abortion ban, Dr. Biden will help rally volunteers to elect strong Democratic leaders who will continue to fight to lower costs and protect a woman’s fundamental freedom,” the release stated.

The campaign will start in Manchester at 1:45 p.m. and travel to Portsmouth at 4 p.m. Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (D), who is not up for reelection this cycle, is set to appear in Portsmouth.

9:30 AM
Oct 27, 2022

Arizona Senate race shifted to ‘toss-up’

The Arizona Senate race between Republican Blake Masters and incumbent Sen. Mark Kelly (D-AZ) has shifted from leaning Democratic to being rated as a toss-up, according to the nonpartisan Cook Political Report.

The updated projections give Republicans hope they can flip the seat red as part of their efforts to seize control of the Senate next month.

9:00 AM
Oct 27, 2022

Fetterman defends debate performance, downplays stroke’s impact on Senate service

PITTSBURGH — Lt. Gov. John Fetterman (D) sought to mitigate damage to his Senate bid from his heavily scrutinized debate with Dr. Mehmet Oz (R), arguing in extensive remarks during a campaign rally that his recovery from a stroke would not affect his fitness to serve in Congress.

“And here’s the thing also about that debate,” Fetterman told a cheering crowd, which his campaign said numbered 3,300, that gathered in an outdoor amphitheater in downtown Pittsburgh on a brisk Wednesday evening to hear from the lieutenant governor and his special guest, musician Dave Matthews. “I might not get every, every word the right way, but I will always do the right thing in Washington, D.C.”

“I have a lot of good days, and every now and then, I’ll have a bad day,” Fetterman added. “But every day, I will always fight just for you.”

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8:30 AM
Oct 27, 2022

Kari Lake calls break-in at Hobbs campaign headquarters ‘Jussie Smollett part two’

PEORIA, Arizona — Kari Lake, the Republican nominee for governor of Arizona, called reporters “despicable” for asking her to respond to allegations from the Arizona Democratic Party that she was directly responsible for a break-in at Democratic nominee Katie Hobbs’s office earlier this week.

“That is absolutely absurd. It sounds like a Jussie Smollett part two. You’re going to drag the people through something like this,” Lake said in response to a question from a CNN reporter following an event in honor of first responders on Wednesday.

“You’re letting a woman who has been running a terrible campaign direct you to a story like this? You know she is running a bad campaign.”

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8:00 AM
Oct 27, 2022

White House raises alarm on ‘mega MAGA’ economy as midterm picture darkens

With days until the midterm elections, the White House is going on the offensive against Republicans on the economy in a last-ditch bid to stanch Democrats’ bleeding.

The move comes as veteran Democratic strategists have publicly urged President Joe Biden to make a stronger economic case to voters worried about inflation after months of rising prices and as forecasts show Republicans tilting the balance in key races across the country.

Speaking to reporters Wednesday, senior White House officials warned that Republican threats to repeal the Inflation Reduction Act would raise healthcare and energy costs for Americans and hike prescription drug prices for seniors.

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7:30 AM
Oct 27, 2022

The 11 ‘toss-up’ races that could decide control of the House

The road to the House majority runs through only 11 races, according to an aggregate of election handicappers.

270toWin, which compiles race ratings from the top five polling aggregate and analysis outlets, has identified just 11 House races in seven states for which Sabato’s Crystal Ballthe Cook Political ReportInside ElectionsFiveThirtyEightand Split Ticket agree that the outcome could wind up favoring either the Republican or the Democratic candidate.

“To arrive at the consensus map, we assign a party-specific point value to each rating category (safe, likely, leaning, tilt, toss-up),” 270toWin explains. “From there we calculate the average rating. Those average ratings determine the consensus rating, which may or may not be the most frequent one. Only states rated safe by at least four of the forecasts are shown in the darkest shade of blue or red on the map. This allows for a more inclusive look at states that could be competitive in the right circumstances.”

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7:00 AM
Oct 27, 2022

Dr. Oz appears for first TV interview since debate

Dr. Mehmet Oz, the Republican nominee for Senate in Pennsylvania, appeared Wednesday evening on Fox News.

Host Sean Hannity said it was Oz’s first TV interview since his debate against Lt. Gov. John Fetterman (D) on Tuesday.

Watch below:

6:00 AM
Oct 27, 2022

Arizona county reverses decision to hand count all ballots

Cochise County Board of Supervisors in Arizona backpedaled on a decision to hand count all ballots in the upcoming midterm elections, opting instead to only hand count some of them.

The sudden reversal came in light of threats from Secretary of State Katie Hobbs (D) to take legal action if the country went forward with the plan approved earlier this week, according to KOLD 13 News. The Cochise County attorney also stated he would not represent the board if lawsuits were brought against them. In the face of this pressure, the board held an emergency meeting, voting to reverse course on their Monday 2-1 vote and opt for only a partial hand count.

“There is nothing in the law that would permit them to do the full hand count of all the ballots,” said Allie Bones, the deputy secretary of state, according to the news outlet. “You cannot do what you want to do.”

“We have a very descriptive law and procedures when it comes to election’s administration,” she added. “And those things have to be followed.”

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5:01 AM
Oct 27, 2022

Pennsylvania election official warns midterm results will take ‘days’ to process

Acting Pennsylvania Secretary of the Commonwealth Leigh Chapman warned voters Wednesday that processing and counting election night ballots will take “days” to complete, and no final result will be posted on Nov. 8.

Although some voters have already submitted their ballots, Pennsylvania law says election officials cannot canvass the early ballots until 7 a.m. on Election Day, Chapman told Meet the Press moderator Chuck Todd. Votes cast on election night will be counted after polls close at 8 p.m.

“The best we can do is just manage expectations and let voters know that election officials need to do their job,” Chapman said in the NBC News interview. “They need to ensure that they’re counting every vote, and delays in results does not mean anything bad is happening. It doesn’t mean ballots are showing up out of nowhere. It’s because of that restriction where we can’t start preprocessing or canvassing those votes until election morning.”

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3:30 AM
Oct 27, 2022

WATCH: Pennsylvania voters are staunchly divided with Fetterman-Oz election just two weeks away

The Washington Examiner spoke with voters outside the Pennsylvania Senate debate last evening to find out which issues are most important to them leading up to the elections.

The highly anticipated debate in one of the most contentious races this election cycle took place at ABC27 studios in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania’s capital.

Supporters of both Republican candidate Mehmet Oz and Democratic candidate John Fetterman gathered outside the studio to voice their opinions. Supporters with opposing views clashed several times.

Voters expressed concern regarding issues like the severity of pandemic-era restrictions and the rise of violent crime in Pennsylvania’s cities, noting how those issues have influenced their choice of candidate to support.

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3:00 AM
Oct 27, 2022

Michael Bloomberg nearly doubles contributions to Democratic PAC ahead of midterm elections

Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg (D) doubled his donations to the House Majority political action committee recently, giving $10 million on top of the $11 million he donated prior.

The donation, which went to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) PAC, was not earmarked for specific races and can be used for smaller but vulnerable campaigns. His donations to the PAC now total $21 million, a sizable gift as Election Day draws near.

“[Bloomberg] has a long-standing relationship with Speaker Pelosi, was aware of the party’s current needs, and wanted to step up again,” Bloomberg spokesman Marc La Vorgna told Politico.

Bloomberg, who ran for president in 2020, has now donated $70 million to Democratic candidates this election cycle. He has donated up to $2 million apiece for gubernatorial races in Colorado, New Mexico, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. He also directed $2 million to Democratic candidates running to become secretaries of state, according to the outlet.

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2:30 AM
Oct 27, 2022

Opinion: Some in establishment media continue to defend Fetterman after his debate flop

Most of the Democratic hacks in the legacy media didn’t even try to put a positive spin on Lt. Gov. John Fetterman’s awful debate performance last night. But a few brave media figures decided to come to the Pennsylvania Democrat’s defense.

Fetterman’s debate with Senate opponent Dr. Mehmet Oz (R-PA) was predictably awful, with Fetterman unable to string together coherent sentences or directly answer questions. Fetterman’s performance damaged his chances of winning, which most journalists acknowledged. But MSNBC disagreed, with Rebecca Traister of New York magazine saying on the network that Fetterman “had some really, really strong comebacks” and that Oz had some “fumbles.”

MSNBC columnist Liz Plank joined in, saying that Oz “gave a masterclass on how to bully people with disabilities” for having the gall to debate his opponent in a debate. Plank also said that the debate is “proof” that the “electoral system is still not accessible to people with disabilities.” Of course, Plank sang a different tune when she attacked former Rep. Madison Cawthorn (R-NC), saying that the wheelchair-bound Republican was using “ableist stereotypes to exploit America.”

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2:00 AM
Oct 27, 2022

WATCH: Salena Zito says debate revealed ‘reality’ of Fetterman’s condition

The Washington Examiner‘s Salena Zito joined America’s Newsroom on Fox News Wednesday to talk about Tuesday’s Senate debate in Pennsylvania, sharing sentiments from voters who say John Fetterman’s condition makes them nervous.

Zito pointed out that voters don’t always watch politics with the same intensity and scrutiny as reporters do. As a result, she said she was surprised that some didn’t know of his health battle until they saw him struggle on the stage.

Fetterman took long pauses between answers and had difficulty with some phrases.

“What was most interesting to me is watching voters that had not really understood the condition of the lieutenant governor,” she told host Dana Perino.

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1:30 AM
Oct 27, 2022

Biden promises to eliminate ‘junk fees’ in economy-focused speech

President Joe Biden on Wednesday outlined plans to eliminate what he described as junk fees from banks, airlines, credit card companies, hotels, and other companies he says are unfairly targeting the middle class.

Standing before a banner that read, “building an economy for working families,” Biden promised to have his administration step up enforcement of laws that prevent the charging of hidden fees.

“These steps will immediately begin saving Americans, collectively, billions of dollars in unfair fees,” he said. “These are surprise charges that companies sneak into bills because they can.”

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1:00 AM
Oct 27, 2022

The question that may swing the Senate: Did Fetterman have to debate?

If control of the Senate comes down to Pennsylvania, the defining question of the midterm elections may be: Did Lt. Gov. John Fetterman (D-PA) have to debate?

Fetterman’s stroke recovery and ability to serve dominated the aftermath of his only debate with Mehmet Oz (R-PA). That’s not what his campaign wanted to be talking about in the final two weeks before Election Day, in a race that was trending toward Oz.

But Fetterman was still leading in the polls before the debate. He is up a slender 1.3 percentage points in the RealClearPolitics polling average. Oz needed something to change the dynamics of the race more than he did.

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12:30 AM
Oct 27, 2022

Oddsmakers favor GOP in midterm elections

Oddsmakers are favoring Republicans to take control of both chambers of Congress, with less than two weeks until the midterm elections.

The betting odds have a more clear favor in who will win the Senate than many election projections, which have the race as a toss-up or slightly favor Democrats to maintain control.

PredictIt has the GOP favored to take control of the Senate with 69 cents for a share compared to 34 cents per share for Democrats. Winners get a dollar back per share. For control of the House, the GOP is also favored 83 cents to win a dollar compared to the Democrats’ 11 cents to win a dollar.

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9:47 PM
Oct 26, 2022

Fetterman says $2M raised since debate

John Fetterman.

(Graeme Jennings/Washington Examiner)

Pennsylvania Lt. Gov. John Fetterman, the Democratic nominee for Senate, says he raised $2 million since his debate Tuesday against GOP rival Dr. Mehmet Oz.

He appeared Wednesday for a rally in Pittsburgh and acknowledged having a rough go at it on TV the night before as he recovers from a stroke in May.

“I knew it wasn’t going to be easy after, you know, having a stroke after five months,” he told the crowd. “In fact, I don’t think that’s ever been done before in American political history before, actually.”

His wife, Gisele Barreto Fetterman, introduced him, and after the lieutenant governor spoke, musician Dave Matthews performed.

9:27 PM
Oct 26, 2022

Burglary reported at campaign office of Arizona governor candidate Hobbs

Police are investigating a burglary at the Phoenix campaign office of Katie Hobbs, the Democratic nominee for Arizona governor.

“Several items” were taken from the property “sometime during the night,” authorities said, according to local media reports.

No suspects have been identified as of press time, but the Hobbs campaign told 3TV/CB5 that one person was caught on a security camera walking up to the office door on Monday night. Police said they are reviewing security camera footage.

Hobbs, who is Arizona’s secretary of state, is facing off against MAGA star Kari Lake, a longtime journalist who is endorsed by former President Donald Trump.

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8:10 PM
Oct 26, 2022

Trump packs schedule with rallies in key states before midterm elections

Former President Donald Trump is filling up his schedule in the final days leading up to the midterm elections, another sign that the Republican standard-bearer is far from slowing down as anticipation builds for a 2024 run.

At least four rallies were announced by Trump’s Save America PAC on Wednesday, all geared toward boosting high-profile candidates in key states as Republicans hope to rally support sufficient to take back power in the House and Senate.

Boasting an effort to “advance the MAGA agenda,” Trump’s group said the former president is lining up behind his endorsed candidates, first in Sioux City, Iowa, on Thursday, Nov. 3, to advocate Republicans such as Gov. Kim Reynolds and Sen. Chuck Grassley.

Trump will then hold a rally in Latrobe, Pennsylvania, on Saturday, Nov. 5, where he has endorsed candidates such as state Sen. Doug Mastriano for governor and Dr. Mehmet Oz for Senate. And after that, Trump is slated to host a “Get Out the Vote Rally” with Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, who was once a bitter rival in the 2016 presidential primaries, in Miami on Sunday, Nov. 6.

On the eve of the midterm elections, taking place on Tuesday, Nov. 8, Trump will stump for candidates including his pick for Senate J.D. Vance in Vandalia, Ohio, on Monday.

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7:42 PM
Oct 26, 2022

WATCH: John Fetterman holds rally in Pittsburgh day after debate

Pennsylvania Senate hopeful John Fetterman (D) is holding a “get out the vote” event in Pittsburgh on Wednesday to rally voters ahead of the midterm elections in November.

The rally on Pittsburgh’s North Shore, which featured a performance from Dave Matthews, comes a day after the lieutenant governor faced GOP rival Dr. Mehmet Oz in a debate.

6:00 PM
Oct 26, 2022

‘Hard to watch’: Democratic senator gives frank assessment of Fetterman debate

Sen. Chris Coons (D-DE) didn’t mince words about the Pennsylvania debate Tuesday evening in which Democratic hopeful John Fetterman’s stroke recovery garnered widespread attention.

“It was hard to watch, frankly,” Coons told CNN on Wednesday.

But the Delaware senator was adamant that Fetterman “is authentic and … will fight for working families in Pennsylvania.” He contrasted the lieutenant governor with his GOP rival, Dr. Mehmet Oz, whom he dinged for being inauthentic.

“They will contrast that with Mehmet Oz, who looked very comfortable in a tailored suit, who’s very good on television but who made clear his positions on a few issues — the one you just mentioned, he said clearly, a choice, reproductive rights choice by women should also include elected officials,” he added.

Fetterman’s debate performance was heavily scrutinized because of several verbal flubs he made during the debate, which prompted further questions about his health after he suffered a stroke in May. Fetterman was allowed to use closed captioning during the debate, and though he did not commit to releasing his medical records, he claimed his doctors believe he is fit to serve as senator.

Fetterman is leading Oz by 1.3 points in the latest RealClearPolitics polling aggregate — a markedly slimmer lead than the one he held weeks earlier in the contested race.

4:38 PM
Oct 26, 2022

Herschel Walker denies assassinating JFK in wake of new abortion allegations

Georgia Senate candidate Herschel Walker denied that he assassinated President John F. Kennedy in his newest denial of allegations that he pressed a woman in 1993 to get an abortion.

Appearing alongside Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC), Walker said he was going to win his race against Sen. Raphael Warnock (D-GA), and in rejecting the fresh abortion claims he faces, brought up the late JFK.

“I’ve already told people that this is a lie, and I’m not going to entertain. … I also want to let you know that I didn’t kill JFK either. And right now, Sen. Warnock, they got crushed at that debate, and now the Democrats will do and say whatever they can to win … this seat. But they don’t know Herschel Walker,” Walker said Wednesday. “I’m going to win this seat.”

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3:00 PM
Oct 26, 2022

Chicago priests reminded not to have politicians speak at Mass following visit by Gov. JB Pritzker

Chicago priests received a letter from the Archdiocese of Chicago reminding them not to engage in partisan politics as the midterm elections loom ahead.

In a letter sent to Chicago Catholic priests, the Archdiocese of Chicago wrote that as a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt religious organization, its parishes, schools, and agencies are “prohibited from participating or intervening in political campaigns on behalf of, or in opposition to, any political candidate for national, state, or local office.”

“There can be no negotiation of that principle, as a violation of it in any instance has the potential of impacting us all,” the letter said.

The rules state that the churches cannot hold speeches supporting or denouncing a candidate or provide any financial support or voter information.

This letter comes a week after Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker visited a Chicago church as part of his travels around the state for his reelection bid. He spoke out against opponent Darren Bailey during his visit, stating that he is “too extreme” for Illinois.

“Darren Bailey wants to divide Illinois with hateful words and a radical agenda,” Pritzker said. “Let’s be clear, in 2022 hate is on the ballot and hate has no place in Illinois.”

2:30 PM
Oct 26, 2022

This campaign’s missing issues: Foreign policy and economic redistribution

OPINION — What issues are the candidates and the parties not talking about? It’s worth asking because sometimes these issues turn out to be important.

I don’t remember any candidates talking about Islamic terrorism in the midterm elections of 1998 or about the risk of investing in mortgage-backed securities in 2006. Going back a ways, I can’t recall much discussion about how to win or de-escalate the Vietnam War in 1966 or to cope with rising inflation in 1970.

So what aren’t politicians talking about this year? Start with foreign policy. Polls show widespread and unusually bipartisan support for U.S. aid to Ukraine against Russian aggression. Campaigners have shown little appetite for challenging the Biden administration’s approach.

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2:00 PM
Oct 26, 2022

More than 1 million Georgians have already voted, on track to shatter state record

More than 1 million Georgia voters have participated in early voting, shattering previous midterm records, according to the secretary of state’s office.

Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger announced Tuesday that Georgians have been showing up at early voting locations in droves with two weeks left before Election Day. Early voting precincts are open across the state six days a week for three weeks leading up to Nov. 8. Fifteen Georgia counties are open on Sunday for early voting.

“This isn’t a victory lap yet,” Raffensperger told reporters at a press conference at the state Capitol on Tuesday. “We need to let them know their vote will be counted and counted accurately, not that their vote will be stolen.”

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1:30 PM
Oct 26, 2022

Nye County, Nevada, to hand-count ballots

Officials in Nye County, Nevada, are set to hand-count ballots for the midterm elections.

The plan, which is pending approval from the state’s secretary of state, would separate the ballots to be counted in four to six different rooms to avoid anyone seeing the full results of the count. The hand-count will run in conjunction with the traditional machine count of the ballots.

Nevada has two “toss-up” races, per RealClearPolitics, with the gubernatorial and Senate races expected to be some of the closest of this midterm cycle.

Nye County joins Cochise County, Arizona, in opting for a hand-count of ballots alongside a machine count.

1:00 PM
Oct 26, 2022

Biden to stump for Charlie Crist next week

President Joe Biden will stump for Florida gubernatorial hopeful Charlie Crist next Tuesday in Miami.

Throughout much of the midterm election cycle, Biden has largely refrained from large blockbuster campaign rally events, and some Democrats have appeared to be apprehensive about campaigning with Biden, though the president has shrugged off such reporting.

Crist was eager to welcome Biden to Florida. He is trailing incumbent Gov. Ron DeSantis, a rising GOP star, in most polling.

“I’m thrilled to be joining President @JoeBiden next Tuesday in Miami! Come rally with us as we gear up to mobilize Democrats in every corner of Florida,” Crist tweeted.

12:30 PM
Oct 26, 2022

Herschel Walker to face new allegations from woman who says he drove her to abortion clinic

A new woman has come forward claiming Georgia GOP Senate hopeful Herschel Walker drove her to have an abortion, attorney Gloria Allred said Wednesday.

The woman, who has been identified only as “Jane Doe,” was allegedly in a romantic relationship with the former football hero-turned-Republican nominee.

Allred claimed in a statement that she would provide evidence of the romantic relationship and Walker’s knowledge that the woman was about to terminate her pregnancy.

“All evidence in support of her romance with Mr. Walker will be revealed at the press conference,” she said. The briefing will be held at 2:30 p.m.

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12:16 PM
Oct 26, 2022

ASK WEX returns: Midterm Senate questions answered on Facebook Live by Washington Examiner experts

LIVE NOW — The Washington Examiner is back for a third week of ASK WEX.

With just two weeks to go until the midterm elections, W. James Antle, the Washington Examiner’s politics editor, and Sarah Westwood, political and investigative reporter, will be answering questions from loyal readers and members of the public about the midterm elections, in particular the races that will shape the future of the Senate.

All eyes appear to be on the Pennsylvania race between Democratic Lt. Gov. John Fetterman and Republican Mehmet Oz. Georgia is also drawing a lot of interest as Republican Herschel Walker aims to unseat Democratic Sen. Raphael Warnock. But there are plenty of other high-profile seats up for grabs with control of the upper chamber in the balance.

Click here to watch live.

12:00 PM
Oct 26, 2022

Undecided voters wrestle with Biden’s low approval ratings as midterm elections near

President Joe Biden’s approval ratings have remained low in the weeks leading up to the midterm elections, swaying voters on which party they’re likely to back — and it may come down to those who don’t necessarily like him but don’t hate him either.

Roughly 43% of voters said they approve of Biden’s job performance compared to 55% who disapprove, according to the latest Politico-Morning Consult poll released Wednesday. Those who approve of the president said they are more likely to vote for Democrats in November, while those who said they “strongly disapprove” are leaning Republican.

But for those who only “somewhat disapprove” of Biden, those numbers get a bit more complicated — with almost a quarter still unsure of whom they’ll vote for less than two weeks before the election.

About 15% of voters said they “somewhat disapprove” of Biden’s job performance, according to the poll. Of those, 44% said they plan to vote for Democrats, 35% said they’ll back Republicans, and another 21% said they are still undecided.

11:30 AM
Oct 26, 2022

DeSantis boasts 14-point lead over Crist in Florida governor’s race: Poll

Recent polling shows Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) widening his lead over Democratic challenger Charlie Crist in the Florida governor’s race, holding a 14-point advantage in the latest survey by the University of North Florida.

About 55% of voters said they’ll back DeSantis in his reelection bid compared to 41% who said the same for Crist, giving DeSantis one of his strongest showings yet less than two weeks before Election Day. An average of all national polls puts DeSantis 9 points ahead of Crist, according to FiveThirtyEight.

10:59 AM
Oct 26, 2022

McCarthy PAC embarks on $11 million ad blitz

Congressional Republican hopefuls are getting more campaign firepower coming their way with elections less than two weeks away.

The Congressional Leadership Fund, a political action committee aligned with House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), is embarking on an $11 million ad blitz across 16 districts to boost Republicans in hot races.

Seven of the districts are ones that President Joe Biden won by double digits, according to the PAC. CLF said the recent spending spree brings its total reservation expenditure to $210 million.

“CLF continues to raise record sums, which has allowed us press our advantage deeper into the map and forced Democrats into tough decisions,” CLF President Dan Conston said. “Republicans are in a great position to win the majority and we’ll continue making the investments we need in the final stretch.”

10:30 AM
Oct 26, 2022

Fetterman team lauds debate performance despite ‘delayed captions filled with errors’

John Fetterman’s campaign team praised his performance during Tuesday’s candidate debate for Pennsylvania’s Senate race, noting he did “remarkably well” despite technical difficulties with the closed captioning system set up to assist him through the event.

Moderators of the debate allowed the use of closed captioning so Fetterman could read and respond to questions more easily due to his symptoms of an auditory processing disorder caused by a stroke he suffered in mid-May. However, Fetterman still struggled through some of his answers, taking long pauses in between answers and stumbling over certain phrases.

“We are thrilled with John’s performance,” Fetterman’s campaign said in a statement shortly after the debate ended. “He did remarkably well tonight — especially when you consider that he’s still recovering from a stroke and was working off of delayed captions filled with errors.”

10:00 AM
Oct 26, 2022

Scenes from the Arizona-Mexico border: Record number of migrants crossing every day

Migrant crossings into Yuma, Arizona, are at their highest rates they’ve ever been at, with an average of more than 800 people a day coming across that sector alone, according to the Washington Examiner’s Samantha-Jo Roth.

Republicans have made the border a centerpiece of their political message, putting the record-high number of arrivals at the country’s southern border into sharp focus, particularly the Arizona Senate race between Sen. Mark Kelly (D-AZ) and Republican Blake Masters.

Masters, the Trump-backed Senate candidate, accused Kelly and other Democrats of “surrendering our southern border” during a debate this month. Meanwhile, Kelly has sought to distance himself from President Joe Biden, opposing Biden’s decision to end Title 42, a pandemic-era policy instituted during the Trump administration that allowed officials to turn away immigrants in the name of public health.

9:30 AM
Oct 26, 2022

Sen. Mark Kelly tests out piano in between campaign stops in Arizona

Sen. Mark Kelly (D-AZ) was seen testing out a piano to see if it was in tune during a campaign stop in Yuma, Arizona, on Tuesday.

The campaign stop comes less than two weeks before Election Day when Kelly is set to face Republican Blake Masters for the Senate seat in Arizona.

9:00 AM
Oct 26, 2022

Over $90M spent on California dialysis ballot measure backed by unions

A California ballot measure that would impose new rules on kidney dialysis clinics across the state has pitted for-profit dialysis companies against a healthcare workers union, with collective campaign spending exceeding $94 million.

Proposition 29 would require the state’s roughly 650 dialysis clinics to have a physician, nurse practitioner, or physician assistant on-site during treatment, in addition to dialysis technicians. Clinics would also have to report dialysis-related infection information and disclose to patients a list of the people who own at least 5% of the clinic to the state or face penalties.

Proponents, including the Service Employees International Union-United Healthcare Workers West, say that the proposition would improve patient care, while dialysis clinic companies say the requirements are unnecessary and would place a larger financial burden on them that could lead to some clinics closing their doors.

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8:30 AM
Oct 26, 2022

The two ‘toss-up’ races that could decide control of the Senate

There are several swing states that either party could win to secure control of the Senate in two weeks, but only two are “consensus” toss-ups, according to one polling analysis website.

The site 270toWin pulls together the ratings from multiple election analysts to create a “composite forecast” of how each Senate race in the country will play out on Nov. 8, and the site finds contests in Georgia and Nevada to be the two “toss-ups” at this point in the election cycle.

The site aggregates ratings from political handicappers such as the Cook Political Report, Sabato’s Crystal Ball, and Inside Elections, all of which rate Georgia and Nevada as toss-ups. But some of these analysts also list other states as fiercely competitive.

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8:00 AM
Oct 26, 2022

Libertarian candidate could upend Georgia’s high-stakes Senate race

A Libertarian candidate running in the high-stakes race for a Georgia Senate seat could force the marquee matchup between Sen. Raphael Warnock (D-GA) and GOP challenger Herschel Walker into a runoff and possibly upend the race if he siphons enough votes away from the front-runners.

The Warnock-Walker contest is one of the most followed in the country, and its winner could determine which party controls the Senate next year.

The 2020 presidential election changed the playing field in the once ruby-red state. President Joe Biden beat former President Donald Trump, and two Senate races were decided in the runoff elections.

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7:30 AM
Oct 26, 2022

How a third-party candidate is scrambling race for Oregon’s next governor

If Republican Christine Drazan becomes the first candidate from her party to win Oregon’s gubernatorial race in 40 years, she will likely have a quirky independent candidate to thank after Election Day.

That’s because Betsy Johnson, a popular unaffiliated candidate in the race to become Oregon’s next governor, has scrambled expectations about who can win and how in a state that swung for a Democratic president by 16 points just two years ago.

“I think the fact that she’s running as an independent, rather than actually running as the Republican she is, is probably helping her because Oregon generally does not go to Republican candidates,” Ross Robbins, a Portland voter who said he supports Democrat Tina Kotek, told the Washington Examiner. “But also, I think there is the sense that people are kind of fed up with the way things have been going.”

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7:00 AM
Oct 26, 2022

Fetterman’s stroke recovery mars debate with Oz

HARRISBURG, Pennsylvania — Lt. Gov. John Fetterman, a Democrat, opened his debate versus Dr. Mehmet Oz, a Republican, with a “goodnight, everybody,” delivering a heart-wrenching and at times hard-to-watch performance that raised more doubts about his fitness for the Senate than it satisfied amid his recovery from a stroke.

Fetterman, 53, tried to tackle the “elephant in the room” — his words — head-on early in his only televised showdown with Oz in a close contest for a crucial open Senate seat that could decide the balance of power on Capitol Hill. “I had a stroke. He’s never let me forget that,” the lieutenant governor said. “I might miss some words during this debate, mush two words together. But it knocked me down, but I’m going to keep coming back up.”

And Fetterman did keep coming back. The lieutenant governor paired his halting and often verbally jumbled answers with sharp attacks on Oz, a renowned heart surgeon and veteran television host whose polish likely would have outshined him even if he was not impaired by the effects of a stroke suffered just before winning the May 17 Democratic primary. “It’s the Oz rule. He’s on TV, and he’s lying,” Fetterman said several times throughout the showdown, broadcast from Pennsylvania’s state capital.

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6:11 AM
Oct 26, 2022

OPINION: Senate debate shows Oz is the better choice for Pennsylvania voters

If you live in Pennsylvania and enjoy crime and poverty and a politician who lies about fracking and doesn’t trust the Supreme Court, then you should vote for John Fetterman. Otherwise, Dr. Mehmet Oz is the better choice for Pennsylvania voters in the Nov. 8 election. Fetterman generally looked unprepared for the debate as Oz effectively conveyed his vision of what he would bring to Washington if elected senator.

Fetterman’s policies, not his health condition, are enough to turn voters away from his candidacy. Between tonight’s incoherent rambling to explain his positions during the debate and his public support for numerous radical left-wing policies, Fetterman showed his true colors in front of a live audience. There weren’t any sympathetic pundits or media to hide Fetterman’s flaws tonight. Standing across from his Republican opponent, facing the same pressure and spotlight as Oz, Fetterman showed he would be a complete disaster if elected.

Consider Fetterman’s statements tonight.

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5:09 AM
Oct 26, 2022

Trump considers veteran GOP consultant for top role in prospective 2024 campaign: Report

The Trump campaign is reportedly eyeing a longtime GOP consultant from Virginia for its 2024 campaign.

Sources familiar with the matter told the Washington Post that Trump is considering Chris LaCivita to join his campaign as either a campaign manager or senior adviser, and discussions are already underway. However, no solid decisions have been made.

“Thank you for the opportunity, but I don’t comment on rumors!!” LaCivita told the news outlet in a text message.

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4:08 AM
Oct 26, 2022

ICYMI: Second Michigan governor’s debate

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D) and Republican challenger Tudor Dixon met Tuesday night for their second and final debate, in which topics relating to schools and infrastructure took center stage.

Whitmer is running for her second term in office and has come under fire from Dixon for her response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Early voting has already begun in Michigan, two weeks before the Nov. 8 election.

Watch the debate below:

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3:06 AM
Oct 26, 2022

Hochul to Zeldin on crime: ‘I don’t know why that’s so important to you’

Gov. Kathy Hochul (D-NY) appeared upset over Rep. Lee Zeldin’s (R-NY) focus on crime during the New York gubernatorial debate on Tuesday.

Zeldin reiterated his belief that there is a crime emergency in the Empire State and pressed Hochul on locking up criminals.

“My opponent thinks that, right now, there’s a polio emergency going on but there’s not a crime emergency — different priorities that I’m hearing from people right now that are not being represented. … Halfway through the debate, she still hasn’t talked about locking up anyone committing any crimes,” Zeldin said.

The governor shot back at Zeldin’s assertion on crime while also questioning his insistence on the topic.

“Anyone who commits a crime under our laws, especially with the change we made to bail, has consequences. I don’t know why that’s so important to you,” Hochul said. “All I know is that we can do more.”

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