Richard Marx thinks we all should care that he is an atheist, and as an atheist, that he has any idea what Christ’s teachings are so that he can tell people he disagrees with that they are going to burn in Hell. Forget that he wouldn’t know the first thing about Christianity if it fell out of the sky, landed on his Botox-filled face, and started to wiggle.

Honestly, we just think he was bored and wanted some attention since fewer and fewer people know who is he … or care who he is for that matter.

Picking on Christianity …

Here’s that attention you ordered, Dick.

Right? Super spiritual and deep.

Yeah, we all know he won’t do that.


Ironic, ain’t it?

Joel Pollack responded:


And this really set Dick off for some reason.

Maybe because the truth hurts?

Ummm … yikes.

This is foul.

What is it about people on the Left, especially blue-checks, being so obsessed with Trump’s sex life and using homosexuality as an insult? Forget that the conversation had zero to do with Trump in the first place. Seems Dick’s TDS is still raging.

Yuck, we had to screenshot his tweet it’s so nasty.

Joel handled it with class.

Unlike Dick.



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