Democrats show us their racist stripes, every time.

Yeah we know, we’ve said that a lot lately, but as the Left keeps losing minority voters we have more and more opportunities to keep pointing it out. Especially when it comes to Herschel Walker because HOOBOY, they really hate the idea of Warnock losing.

Even though Warnock’s church has been actively evicting poor people of color from their apartments while taking millions from the government and paying the good ‘reverend’ nearly $8k a month for housing expenses.

What it seems to really boil down to is Democrats like Whoopi Goldberg simply can’t accept there are Black Republicans.

Watch this:

Oh, it gets worse.

Honestly, we’re still not sure how anyone can stand to watch this garbage.

He’s letting himself be used … because he disagrees with Democrats.

Think about that for a minute.

Yikes, who is this crazy woman? She’s a hot mess, even for The View.

Gotta love their fake conservative who justifies their racism and hatred for an actual conseravative.

Stay classy, Alyssa.

Ugh, ‘Behag’ is just gross.

Dark money.


Holy cow, so much derp.

The View harpies have spoken.

Now everyone, point and laugh.



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