WOOF! This ad is something else!

It’s not a typical campaign advertising boogie man scare tactic, either. For an uber-pricey Kelly campaign event (tickets ranged from $100 to $5000) held yesterday, the invitation/ticket reservation information sheet had the following requirements listed:

An advisory by the Mark Kelly for Senate campaign that children over the age of two or people who don’t disclose their vaccine status would be required to wear masks to a spendy fundraiser has sparked interest on social media and outraged physicians, who question both the efficacy of masks and any adults that would force a child to don one.

“We are asking attendees to voluntarily disclose their vaccine status at the door. Those who are vaccinated are asked to bring proof of vaccination and (either a vaccination card or a photo of a vaccination card) when checking in at the event. We are asking that people who don’t disclose their status, over the age of 2, wear a mask indoors and outdoors. Mark Kelly of Senate will only use vaccination information for the purpose of determining safety protocols for in-person Campaign events in compliance with applicable state, and local, or federal relations (sic) related to such events. Vaccination information will never be stored. The health and safety of attendees is Mark Kelly for Senate’s top priority. Even the Campaign’s best efforts can’t eliminate all risk from COVID-19, and so attendees assume the risk by choosing to attend this event.”

They don’t seem to be able to help themselves, do they? Kelly’s big on the vaccination thing and, in August of 2021, said people shouldn’t be b*tching about masks if they weren’t going to get shot up.

Face mask mandates wouldn’t be the hot-button issue they are today if more people were vaccinated against COVID-19, U.S. Sen. Mark Kelly said Thursday.

…“If you’re looking at this stuff online, there’s an incredible amount of misinformation, and I think social media companies need to do a better job policing that. But the important thing here is to listen to public health officials,” he said.

…“This vaccine is safe and it’s effective and it is really the only thing that’s going to get us out of this mess we’ve been in now for a year-and-a-half,” he said.

*SAFE AND EFFECTIVE* What a putz and I see nowhere that he’s reevaluated his stance to allow for the evidence to the contrary which has emerged – in spite of all efforts to suppress it – over the course of the year since he made that statement.

Masters is making inroads with Latinos in Arizona, too. His outreach efforts have been really intense and seem to be paying off, much to media like CNN’s chagrin. I’m sure they meant this report less as “news” and more as a “WAKE THE %#*& UP!!!” to the Dems.

The phone’s just ringing away at DNC HQ – nobody’s picking up. Latinos want immigration reform, illegal immigration stopped, and they’re not seeing any movement from Democrats on any of it, after years of yak yak yak.

There’s also a distinct, repeated lack of respect and Latinos are over it. They’re not only breakfast burritos, lawn maintenance guys, or fieldhands.

“We have a shortage of workers in our country, and you see even in Florida, some of the farmers and the growers are saying, ‘Why are you shipping these immigrants up north? We need them to pick the crops down here.’”

Again, crime, kitchen table issues

…Hispanics have been hit particularly hard. Nearly 6 in 10 are foregoing vacations and driving less, and 44% say the economy is their top issue, more than either whites or Blacks.

The issue of inflation – and the feeling that the White House hasn’t done enough to address it – is helping Republicans score significant inroads among Hispanic and Black voters, both demographic groups that Democrats have long relied on for support. Now 40% of Hispanics and 21% of Blacks are backing the Republican candidate.

…and children are going to be the fuel that propels candidates who listen to the people they meet and take those concerns to heart.

Blake Masters is doing that and has the Democratic hierarchy

…The majority leader [Sen Chuck Schumer] also said that Democrats are “in danger” in an unspecified congressional race. Schumer could have been referring to the Arizona Senate race, where Republican Blake Masters is now tied with incumbent Democrat Mark Kelly.

sweating bullets.

The race between Arizona Sen. Mark Kelly (D) and Trump-backed Republican Blake Masters is now a toss-up, according to Cook Political Report’s new forecast showing Masters–whose poll numbers were underwater just two months ago–is inching closer to unseating Kelly.

Tucker Carlson is running a Masters docu/profile on his Tucker Carlson Originals (which I haven’t seen yet) that the WaPo took exception to, cracking on Tucker for it being “less documentary than campaign ad,” as if fawning over someone was utterly beneath their lofty journalistic standards (Oh, spare me you frauds.). In any event, reading the piece, I came across this quote which I’m sure they meant as alarming, but I found it refreshing, memories of Paul Ryan still causing nightmares as they do.

…What’s striking about the clip, though, is how Carlson’s team and Masters position his politics as outside the Republican Party. During that conversation in the room with the Jesus picture, Masters states that he figures America will be unrecognizable by 2030.

“I absolutely blame the left,” he tells the small audience, “but I also blame these conservatives. ‘RINOs,’ whatever you want to call them, right? The establishment. I think what happened is, in retrospect anyway, we elected a lot of Republicans who said the right things, they talked the right game, but then they got in office, and they just fell asleep.”

Fell asleep or actively shivved the guy trying to enact the change he was sent to D.C. to bring about. “ERMAGERD – OUTSIDE THE PARTY!!!” Well, EXACTLY.

Is anybody accountable?”

Fired up. Exactly who we need.

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