The news for Republicans as the week comes to an end is all good, y’all. There is no denying the wind is at the backs of GOP candidates. At this point they just need to stay the course, keep talking to constituents and asking for votes, and make sure voters get to the polls on election day. There is a strong red wave coming on November 8. One indication that gives me renewed hope for that red wave is the two big races in Georgia.

I’ve believed in the red wave all along, don’t get me wrong. Even in the summer months when Democrats were able to take some victory laps on legislation and saw their favorability numbers rise, I knew that their good fortune was likely fleeting. As long as the crises brought on by the decisions made by Joe Biden and his administration continue and even grow, there is no way that a majority of voters will focus on abortion and the January 6 committee hearings as the Democrats want them to over everyday real life issues. People are having a hard time paying their bills, buying groceries, filling up their gas tank, and are terrified of the amount of fentanyl coming across the southern border thanks to Biden’s border crisis. It is crisis after crisis and there is only one person to blame – Joe Biden. The Democrat Party is complicit and will be punished in November. I can’t wait.

The late October surprise launched by celebrity attorney Gloria Allred against Herschel Walker this week just happened to come two weeks before election day, though the allegations come from a relationship that ended in 1993. C’mon. If a more recent accusation against Walker, which includes the existence of a child, didn’t turn off voters from Walker, does anyone think this one will? Georgia Republican voters have made their peace with Herschel Walker’s past behavior and realize the importance of a Republican victory. The race in Georgia can be the one that determines if the U.S. Senate flips back to Republican control. It’s just that simple. Democrat incumbent Raphael Warnock votes 100% in favor of Joe Biden’s agenda and played a role in the mess our country finds itself in. Plus, if abortion is supposed to be the main issue, Warnock is in favor of abortion without limits and for taxpayers to fund them. The choice is clear.

Today on Fox News Channel, the former spokesman for former Georgia Governor Nathan Deal told Dana Perino that there is no doubt in his mind that Governor Kemp will win re-election against Democrat Stacey Abrams without the need for a run-off. The big question – will Herschel Walker beat Raphael Warnock – is also optimistically answered. Last week, the spokesman said, he wasn’t sure if Walker could win the race without a run-off. Now, this week, after talking to campaign insiders and Republicans on the ground in Georgia, he is convinced that “the environment has changed” and Walker will also win without a run-off. He’s convinced that Walker’s numbers are moving up enough for him to win outright.

I sure want to believe this man knows what he is talking about. Recent polling is in favor of Walker. Democrats are usually oversampled in polling so that is good news for Republicans. The Real Clear Politics aggregated averaging shows Walker up by 0.6 percent. The last two polls listed have Walker up.

The best indication that “the environment has changed” is how worried Democrats are now. Did you see the video of Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer giving Sleepy Joe the lowdown on the tarmac in New York on Thursday? He gave Biden some happy talk that the horrible debate performance by Pennsylvania Democrat John Fetterman likely didn’t hurt his chances of winning (!) and then he spoke about the Georgia race. He told Biden that Democrats are “going downhill” in Georgia. Schumer said he couldn’t believe people are voting for Herschel Walker.

“The state where we’re going downhill is Georgia,” Schumer told Biden. “It’s hard to believe that they will go for Herschel Walker.”

Walker, Georgia’s Republican Senate candidate, has been embroiled in multiple scandals, including allegations that he pressured women to have abortions, despite running on a platform opposing the procedure.

When contacted by The Hill, a spokesperson for Schumer’s office said the Senate leader “believes the Democratic candidates will win” the midterm elections.

Right. The spokesperson has to put a positive spin on it.

Early voting is brisk and the lies about voter suppression in Georgia have been put to bed. Stacey Abrams and Warnock will have to come up with other reasons when they concede their elections to Governor Kemp and Herschel Walker. That assumes, of course, that Abrams will accept defeat this time around, as she did not in her first attempt to become the governor.

The biggest indication that Democrats are nervous in Georgia is the fact that Barack Obama is being deployed to Georgia on Friday to campaign for both Abrams and Warnock. Obama is going there to rally the base and make sure they get out and vote. This tells you Democrats are losing. At this point in a campaign, big name draws come in to campaign in order to sway independents and perhaps moderates in the opposite party. Democrats in Georgia are concerned about their most reliable voters turning out. Republicans, on the other hand, have enthusiasm and eager to go vote.

It’s good news. I’ll take it.

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