Despite a disatrous debate, John Fetterman still has his defenders.

On Wednesday night’s broadcast of The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell, lefty host O’Donnell tried to compare Democratic senatorial candidate John Fetterman to wartime president Franklin D. Roosevelt. O’Donnell specifically took issue with Fetterman critics saying the debate was “painful to watch.”

Watch the clip above. More below.

From The Daily Wire:

“While he was brilliantly winning World War II, Franklin Roosevelt once fell asleep in the oval office in the middle of signing his name to a letter. That was not painful to watch because no one got to see that,” O’Donnell began, noting that both Roosevelt and Churchill “had the good fortune” to lead their respective nations during a time when most of their day to day activities remained private: “Long before television news could cover their every move and long before Twitter could have people pumping out of their instant reactions to their public appearances.”

O’Donnell went on to describe the lengths to which Roosevelt went to ensure that the American people would never know that their president could not walk on his own — he often used a cane and leaned on an adviser if he had to make his way to a podium to speak, and had his personal wheelchair made from a regular kitchen chair so that it would look less out-of-place.

“Franklin Delano Roosevelt believed that it would be painful to watch him, being lifted in and out of a car by Secret Service agents so he never allowed cameras to capture that. Elaborate steps were taken when his train would arrive or depart so that he could be transferred from the car to the train, lifted in and out, without anyone seeing and without anyone thinking that it was painful to watch,” O’Donnell continued.

“Painful to watch quickly became an oft-repeated phrase on Twitter last night during the Pennsylvania Senate campaign debate because Democratic candidate John Fetterman suffered a stroke this spring and has not fully recovered 100 percent of his verbal fluency,” O’Donnell concluded.

More from The Daily Wire:

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