Back in May MSNBC’s Donnie Deutsch advised Democrats that, because they don’t have to economy on their side, to instead “scare the bejesus out of people” to keep them from voting for Republicans.

Deutsch took the same “scare people” approach with what Democrats should be doing but did concede to being afraid that approach isn’t working and a week from Tuesday could be a “bloodbath” for the Dems:

What makes that particularly entertaining is that Deutch is saying that to the former spokesperson for the president who’s going to be at least partially responsible for large midterm losses for the Democrats. Psaki just kind of nodded along as Deutsch spoke without acknowledging her own role in helping bring about what could be a Dem wipeout.

Bring it on!

And what will the Left do when their “strategy” of using bogus narratives to scare people doesn’t work? Well, they’ll just keep doing it.

MSNBC should probably go “pay-per-view” on election night in order to make some money off of Republicans who are going to tune in just for the entertainment value of the meltdown.



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