For 30 years, James Golden, AKA “Bo Snerdley,” served as conservative radio host legend Rush Limbaugh’s right-hand man, as well as his close friend. Golden was there from the beginning of Rush’s show to the final, tearful moments.

Since Rush’s passing in 2021 from lung cancer, Golden has helped carry on Rush’s legacy through many various endeavors, including his popular radio show on WABC, “Bo Snerdley’s Rush Hour,” and his bestselling book “Rush on the Radio.”

Golden was far more than just Rush’s “sidekick,” however. He has profound insights on many of the issues American voters are facing today and his many years of experience lend him credibility and wisdom that make him a formidable force in the arena of conservative politics.

I was able to ask Golden about his thoughts on the upcoming midterm election as well as some of the most important issues facing voters now. Much like his predecessor, his words were optimistic, encouraging and inspirational.

Today in part two of our three-part series, Golden discusses the impact of abortion on the electorate, how the FBI has taken a side in that debate, as well as Golden’s thoughts on Black Lives Matter and Joe Biden:

Do you believe the overturning of Roe will be as important to voters as (abortion activists) seem to think it will be?

Some voters yes, most voters no. Look, the people that were firmly attached to Roe and to Dobbs are known entities. But they have not persuaded most of the people that disagree with that. In fact, they haven’t persuaded, I don’t think, very many at all to change their mind. Now you have some Republicans that are running scared as they always do, tail between their legs, anytime the left starts protesting or out in the streets, but I think most people that had fixed positions about this haven’t changed their minds at all…

And for people who were pro-life, this has been a huge victory because what it has done is actually replace a decision that should have never been made in the first place. Look at Ruth Bader Ginsburg and other supporters of a quote unquote woman’s right to choose, which was to kill someone else’s body… it’s not her body. This was never enshrined in the Constitution, it was never enshrined by any of the Constitutional protections, and further it was an arbitrary decision that was made in order to… arrive at a decision that the left wanted.

Now, the same people that are saying this represents a threat to the future of America were not at all concerned that this decision violated the Constitutional guarantee that states had a right to act on unenumerated articles. And if something was unenumerated in the Constitution, that fell to the states to regulate.

(The) Roe vs. Wade ruling ignored that Constitutional mandate. And the same people that are complaining about how this was so awful, and this is going to be the death knell for our democracy weren’t at all concerned. Which is why I think it’s so easy for us to just…say, “Well, yeah, we understand how upset you are. We’ve been that upset about the way that this law was crafted for the last 50 years.”

I’ve been noticing it’s actually causing people to see the issue for what it is instead of being fooled by words like “choice,” or “reproductive health.” I think people are starting to realize what abortion really is because of this. I don’t know if you’ve seen the same thing or have felt the same way.

I do. To a degree they want to know, but most people don’t want to know. If you talk about what the real issues are with Planned Parenthood harvesting the body parts of babies, that is too grotesque and too ugly for most people to wrap their arms around. They really don’t even want to know about it. It is so dastardly and (they) cannot believe it actually happens although it does.

So, to a degree there are a lot more people becoming aware, I believe, of… also the origins of the Planned Parenthood organization because this has kind of brought that up to the forefront. This was, of course, founded by Margaret Sanger in an effort to promote eugenics because she felt black people and others were mentally inferior and should be gotten rid of in society. Which, of course, was the precursor to Nazism. So, this has all been, I think, for some people, an enlightening experience.

Going back to one of Biden’s infamous quotes, he once said if you don’t vote for him, “you ain’t black.” As a black conservative, how do you feel about that statement as well as woke politics in general?

Oh, Biden’s a joke… As a leader, he’s been an abysmal disappointment. And then when you look at Joe Biden’s own history with race and with African Americans, saying he didn’t want his kids to go to those jungle schools… When you (consider) his decisions and his part in the role of demonizing Justice Thomas, when you look at his role in racial matters, you see that he was much more aligned with the Southern Democrats that he still called his friends in terms of his attitude.

So, Joe Biden is not the arbiter of who’s black and who is not. Neither is the left. I think it’s all a bunch of silliness. And at one level, of course, you want to react politically to those things, but on another level, how stupid is it for us in this amazing age that we live in to still be focused on the most superficial thing about humanity which is the level of melatonin in a person’s skin. So, on a level, it doesn’t even deserve a response.

It’s definitely led to such a racial divide and has created so much hate. I know part of the whole BLM motive was to say that all police officers are evil racists, ACAB and all of that. Do you feel that that has played a part in the increase in crime since so many police officers that were good are leaving and not wanting to risk their lives anymore?

I do. I also think that… sometimes conservatives also have a knee-jerk reaction to law enforcement and I’m not one of those. You know, you look at the situation that happened with Breonna Taylor and I look at people that knee-jerk reacted saying, “Oh, her boyfriend was the…” They don’t even know the facts of the case. Her boyfriend was never the person, for instance, on the warrant. He was a guy that was unfairly maligned, had never been in trouble with the law before.

Police came with a no-knock warrant. You have someone breaking down your door in the early wee hours of the morning, and he was a licensed, law-abiding, gun holder. And he did what many people would do trying to defend his house. And he’s being charged with murder because the police tried to cover up the fact they had a warrant that should never have been issued, it had faulty information in it, including looking for the wrong person, a person that this lady had never seen before, and she lost her life.

I could go back and tell you stories about growing up in a black neighborhood of atrocities that were committed by law enforcement. Things that were straight up murder. Look, see, these things happened, and we close our eyes to it. We shouldn’t close our eyes to the corruption that has infested the FBI. We see that on parade. Law enforcement are an agency of government and government has a tendency, when it amasses too much power, to use that power in ways that it should never use.

When you have police officers basically acting as the judge and jury of people and executing a sentence of death, that is something for people to be concerned about, if it is not justifiable. Most of the time, it is justifiable because their lives are put in danger by criminals. And what do criminals do? Criminals commit crimes. These are not people who have the best intentions of anybody at heart.

So, I’m a strong supporter of law enforcement. I believe 99 percent of the people that work in the law enforcement communities are honest, good people who are trying to serve their country, serve their neighborhoods, who deserve to go back home to their families safely every night, who’ve seen the worst things in society that many of us would never be able to put up with on a daily basis.

But also, we can’t afford to have a knee-jerk reaction to rogue police officers and to rogue law enforcement officials and to rogue agencies, which is what to me the FBI is proving itself to be. The FBI needs to be swept clean of power. And the DOJ needs to be stripped clean of politics. That would take a massive undertaking and a massive political will.

I’ve been seeing in the news how Biden has weaponized the DOJ and the FBI to go after pro-life citizens that were peaceful while ignoring all the attacks and firebombings of crisis pregnancy centers. It’s just been shocking.

Yeah, again, you know, it’s been an eye-opener for a lot of people, but the DOJ has had problems and the FBI has had problems almost all of my life. You know, I continue to say, and I realize some… run with it the wrong way, or view me as maybe, perhaps anti-law enforcement, but I’m not.

If you look at the history of the FBI, if you look at the history of J. Edgar Hoover- this was a man who blackmailed presidents with information that he gained covertly that he was never tasked by the Constitution to gain. This was a man who made his mark by setting up an agency that he ran like a thiefdom. I think it’s a disgrace that his name is on a major building in our capital.

And I think that since the time of J. Edgar Hoover to the present… every few years these scandals erupt. No one was ever held accountable for those 900 FBI files that ended up in the White House during the Clinton years, no one’s ever been really held accountable for the attempted coup against Donald Trump by members of the FBI and the intelligence community, nobody’s ever held the FBI accountable for the false information that was given to FISA court in an attempt to get rid of President Trump.

You can go back through the scandals at Quantico over information… Look, when you have a problem, it doesn’t make sense to put your head in the sand and just say, “Oh, well, they’re good guys.” Yeah, many of them are good guys. I don’t doubt that. I don’t deny that. But there is a serious problem that this country has had and does have with the FBI, and it needs to be addressed.

For more information on Golden and his illustrious career in radio and politics, visit his website at Check out his radio show “Rush Hour” and podcasts here, and read more about his bestselling book “Rush on the Radio” here. Stay tuned for Part Three: Biden’s border crisis, liberal media bias worsens, and Rush’s legacy!

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