As the Democratic Party claims “Science” to be the basis for the host of campaigns small and large, dictated by shifts within and among its “intersectional” constituencies—including abrupt reversal of directives from a few months earlier—and demands that the professoriate join in support and in ostracizing whomever among them dissents, it places burdens on these associates such as even the Communist Party of the Soviet Union and Germany’s National Socialist Party never placed on their academics. The Soviets’ worst abuse of science, requiring silence about or support for Trofim Lysenko’s crackpot theory of transmissibility of acquired traits, was not as onerous as the contemporary American practice of requiring professions of faith in the subjectivity of human sexuality. Nor did Soviet apparatchiks ever punish doctors for their medical decisions, as Democrats have done by ostracizing doctors who dissent from their ever-changing political protocols regarding COVID.

—Angelo Codevilla, in Against the Great Reset: Eighteen Theses Contra the New World Order.

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