Joe Biden told a reporter yesterday that people are actually better off with inflation than before inflation began to rise, given all the wonderful things he’s done to the economy.


The reporter asks Biden why voters should vote for Democrats with record inflation.

But Biden responds “It’s not record inflation anymore, I’m bringing it down.”

He then proceeds to give a highly questionable statistic about jobs he claims he’s created, and then says:

“Things are moving. As that report shows, you have people who are now in a position where the combination of pay raises and job security, they’re now in a better off even with inflation than they were before it.”

See, inflation is no big deal. Joe’s not only bringing it down, but says people are better off now than they were before he was president.

I’ll keep this in mind when I see diet coke on sale for $5 per six bottles when I use to get it on sale for $2.50 or less.

Unbelievable. Biden is so desperate to spin a good tale on the economy that he just pretends that people aren’t really suffering under the high inflation that he’s created with his terrible policies. He really does think people are idiots.

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