Election denial is coming back into vogue. Pre-election denial, so maybe that is OK.

Beege wrote a great post earlier in the week about how Hillary Clinton is sounding the warning bells about the Republicans outright stealing the 2024 elections, and now Stacey Abrams is making noises about challenging the 2022 Georgia gubernatorial elections. Clairvoyance is the new hotness with the hysterical set.

There is no election involving Stacey Abrams that can’t be stolen. Because Stacey Abrams is President of United Earth! It is pre-determined that she is the victor who slays deplorables.

Axios has the story, and honestly…I think it is hilarious. Totally, completely, side-splittingly hilarious.

Democrat Stacey Abrams is again raising concerns about voter suppression in Georgia, rejecting claims that record early turnout has undermined her criticism of the state’s new Republican-crafted election law.

Why it matters: Abrams, who became a national voting rights advocate after her narrow 2018 defeat, is trailing GOP Gov. Brian Kemp in public polling averages. Her renewed warnings have drawn speculation that she is laying the groundwork to again question the fairness of the election.

  • Abrams’ decision not to formally concede to Kemp in 2018 has provided fodder for Georgia Republicans who stood up to former President Trump in his efforts to overturn the results of the election in 2020.
  • But the Democratic nominee rejects comparisons to Trump as a false equivalency, saying she acknowledged Kemp’s victory and never sought to overturn the results.

Driving the news: Georgia this week surpassed 1 million early votes cast — about double the total votes reported at the same time in 2018. But “more people in the water does not mean there are fewer sharks,” Abrams has argued.

  • Republicans cite turnout and registration numbers as evidence that Democrats’ arguments have no merit.
  • GOP officials also say claims of voter suppression undermine confidence in elections, just as Trump’s baseless allegations of fraud did in 2020.

Think about being a reporter or media flak who has spent the past two years yelling themselves hoarse about how questioning the outcome of an election is a devastating “threat to democracy™.” Honestly, put yourself in their position for a moment. It is delicious. Scrumptious. A Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup of a moment to savor.

Along comes Stacey Abrams, already one of the gaping, enormous, totally yuuuuuggggeeee holes in your narrative, dispenser of the great mountain of denialist bull crap you have to pretend didn’t actually exist, and now you have her take a dump all over your messaging as voting is about to peak?!

Every newspaper and media outlet is screaming about the dangers of election denial and how it threatens the very foundations of the Republic, and along comes Abrams and her enormous ego (ginormous! An ego that could be featured in a twerking video, an ego threatening to collapse into a Black Hole!) to drop this big turd on you.

“Turnout does not dispel voter suppression. Suppression is about barriers to access,” Abrams told reporters this week, pointing to the election law Georgia Republicans passed last year over Democratic opposition.

  • SB202 removed voters’ ability to submit an absentee ballot request completely online by requiring a pen and ink signature, restricted access to absentee ballot drop boxes compared to 2020, and halved the window during which absentee ballots can be requested and submitted.
  • Abrams’ campaign manager Lauren Groh-Wargo says the campaign hasn’t made the same investments in absentee turnout that it did in 2018 because of new restrictions on the ability of third-party groups to send out pre-filled absentee ballot applications.

Early voting has been literally breaking records in Georgia, including for black voters–precisely the voters that Abrams is claiming are being suppressed. Perhaps Abrams believes that black voter turnout should be 200%? 500%? —>Whatever guarantees her a victory? <—Yes, that is right. Whatever guarantees her a victory is the right answer.

She’s even taking a dump on Jimmy Carter in order to cover her own butt on this. That is one big dump she has to take, but she is up to the task. The butt covering must be done, and she can do it! Jimmy will understand, right? She is President of United Earth, and her will is law.

After promising President Carter himself not to question election results, she is doing so even before she gets humiliated at the polls. It really is a Bill Clinton-level master class in shamelessness. I actually am impressed, in a frat-boy appreciating a good keg stand sort of way. It may be stupid, embarrassing, even disgusting, but man, you have to appreciate the sheer ability.

Zoom in: At an Atlanta debate this month, Abrams said she will “always acknowledge the outcomes of elections.” Abrams and Kemp signed the Carter Center’s pledge to “acknowledge the legitimacy of the outcomes after the results have been certified.”

  • Abrams’ spokesman Alex Floyd reiterated that pledge, adding: “Meanwhile, her opponent Brian Kemp passed an anti-voter law in response to conspiracy theories and false claims of voter fraud and said he was ‘frustrated’ about the outcome of the 2020 election.”

Between the lines: Refusing to concede has become a “playbook” for candidates on both sides, said Jennifer Morrell, a former elections official and partner at the nonpartisan Elections Group.

  • She declined to speak directly to Abrams’ claims or Georgia’s voting policy but said: “For years there have been these unwritten democratic norms, and one of those has been conceding. But sometimes we forget those norms because we have watched people not lose graciously.”
  • “It’s a problem regardless who does it,” she said.

I really like how Abrams’ spokesperson said “of course we will abide by the pledge to acknowledge election results” (paraphrased) and then go on to deny the fairness of the election results. In one paragraph she lies twice! Karine Jean-Pierre, watch out, you have competition!

The polls scream that she is getting killed in the campaign. But she is really winning if you have the secret decoder ring. He decoder ring came in a ginormous box of Cracker Jacks–she has to keep up her strength for the final campaign sprint.

Democrats are utterly shameless, which is why Abrams has been a Democrat star for 5 years now. She has been the anointed one–the future President of United Earth!–and she is being exposed as a fool before our very eyes. Well, many of us knew she was a fool, including her supporters, but now we can say so while laughing uproariously at her defenders.

Stacey Abrams is being revealed as the Emperor with new clothes.

Have I made enough scatological and fat jokes? Probably not. I could go on all day. And not even get canceled on Elon’s Twitter. Glorious!

Again I remind you that as a fat man–not as impressively sized as Stacey Abrams, but large enough to actually be endangered by COVID–I am taking cruel liberties here also at my own expense as well. Trust me, you wouldn’t want to see me in that imperial outfit either. But I don’t dance in public, and certainly won’t twerk for your viewing pleasure.

But in my defense I would assert that Abrams deserves the ridicule because she is ridiculous in so many ways. Her bloated ego needs to go on a diet. Something tells me that the 2022 election might be the intervention that she needs to start addressing her mental and physical health.

Besides, it really is hilarious to make fun of such an enormous, humongous, ridiculous ego.

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