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It’s funny how the powers-that-be force compliance through psychological tactics that were once considered to be fascist by the masses. They’re still fascist, but the masses have been gaslighted into ignoring reality and accepting what they’re being told by their betters. The latest example is hitting YouTube medical professionals who must now apply to be considered trustworthy and reliable. The criteria: Adherence to World Health Organization recommendations.

This is one of the many reasons I’ve decided to delete all the content from my YouTube channel. I’d just delete the whole channel if it didn’t have my music and Bible-audio playlists, something I unfortunately cannot duplicate on the other video platforms yet. But I won’t be posting anymore content there. Ever. It’s best to subscribe to my show on the various places where I publish. You never know who’s going to become beholden to Big Tech sensibilities next.

On today’s episode of The JD Rucker Show, I talked about the way YouTube has allowed the World Health Organization to completely determine what is valid medical information and what is not. I then went into several other stories highlighting the jabs and how Pandemic Panic Theater has taken way so much from our world.

Here’s an article from Reclaim The Net that I referenced in the show:

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YouTube: Users Will Have to Commit to WHO-Approved Practices to Be Labeled as “Reliable” in Algorithm

In an attempt to limit “health misinformation,”  announced it will certify medical professionals as “reliable” and “authoritative” sources of information.

In a blog post on the platform’s website, its global head of YouTube Health Dr. Garth Graham said: “YouTube Health has been working on additional ways to help doctors, nurses, mental health professionals and healthcare information providers to bring high quality health information into the spaces that people visit throughout their day – like their favorite video-sharing app.”

To apply to be labeled as reliable, users have to submit their license and adhere to the “best practices” for sharing health information set by the  (WHO), the Council of Medical Specialty Societies (CMSS), and the National Academy of Medicine (NAM).

YouTube gives “authoritative” sources a boost in the algorithm and non-authoritative sources are suppressed.

“In the coming months, eligible channels that have applied through this process will be given a health source information panel that identifies them as a licensed healthcare professional and their videos will appear in relevant search results in health content shelves,” the blog post says.

YouTube has been censoring medical information that contradicts the narrative of local health authorities and the WHO – even when information provided by the WHO turned out to be false.


New Swiss Study: Covid Shots Increase Risk of Myocarditis by 800 TIMES in Young Adults

BREAKING: Marxist Medical Boards Strip Top Dr. Peter McCullough’s Medical Credentials for Speaking the Truth About COVID Vaccine

The science? Pentagon ‘absolutely dug in’ on vaccine mandate

MPS Mega 1-year

We Often Feel Like David Taking on Giants

Today’s Goliath is the Mainstream Media Industrial Complex that brainwashes the masses.

Our mission is very straightforward: To counter the false narratives and nefarious agendas destroying America today. It isn’t easy for obvious reasons; despite incredible growth over the last year we are still a very tiny fish in a huge media pond. But we’re fighting and we will continue to do so, Lord willing, for as long as we possibly can. The battle for America’s present and future is too important for us to back down to the giants that stand in our way.

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JD Rucker

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