According to Mediaite, the not-so-funny folks over at Saturday Night Live ‘torpedoed’ Republican candidates in their ‘cold open’. If you haven’t been paying attention to SNL for years, the ‘cold open’ is the mechanism the liberal activists over there (aka, the entire crew) use to self-medicate against whatever rage they’ve amassed at Republicans throughout the week.

What pent-up angst were they venting about last night? Republicans are winning. That was it. The funniest thing about the skit was that they felt the need to do it.

Herschel Walker was lampooned in a manner that would have resulted in NYT opinion pieces about the ‘return of minstrel shows’ if he was a Democrat candidate. The Oz impression was weak. The Kari Lake bit, parodying her as an overly polished (read ‘plastic’) politician might have been their best attempt at a gag, but it mostly fell flat as well.

Many on Twitter had the same impression.

Seriously. We realize lampooning Fetterman comes with a certain amount of risk, but come on, are you comedians? They could have cast Dr. Oz as a sneaky snake oil salesman debating the not-so-with-it Fetterman. The gag could have been Oz deferring every question to Fetterman and giggling uncontrollably every time he blurted out a nonsensical answer. THAT would have been funny and would have given people across the political spectrum some red meat.

They can’t do it. They’re libs. Their hate has made them unfunny.

Same, dude. Same. Oh, for the days of Chris Farley or Eddie Murphy.

They’ve become ‘The Man’. LOL.



Guaranteed headlines if they were Democrats. Ha!

That’s the part that really burns the cast of SNL.


That’s SNL now. Sad.

Avoiding the obvious comedic opportunity of the Fetterman debacle IS the joke.

Brilliant! The cold open could have lasted 15 seconds and people would have laughed. Complete the stunt by rolling the end-of-show credits momentarily.

Give us a handful of randos from Twitter, and we’ll write better material for SNL any day of the week!

Dana Carvey’s George Bush was hilarious. The difference was Carvey didn’t harbor hate in his heart for the man he was imitating. It’s hard to be funny when your seething inside.

Are we going to become regular viewers again if they can’t get over themselves?

‘Not gonna do it.’

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