WASHINGTON, D.C. — Halloween got off to a rocky start at the White House Monday when President Joe Biden complimented Dylan Mulvaney on his girl costume. The TikTok star, who sat for an interview with the commander-in-chief just last week, was reportedly unable to convince the president that he was not in costume.

According to sources, trick-or-treaters were scheduled to arrive at the White House starting at 5 PM but Biden was certain that the person approaching the West Wing at 10:30 AM was a young boy dressed as a woman for Halloween.

“And what are you supposed to be, young man?” Biden asked, holding out a handful of candy corn that had been sitting in his suit pocket for 23 years.

“I’m a young girl,” answered Mulvaney.

“Wow, great costume! Young girl! My favorite kind of girl! Hamchuck dibblewobble!”

“It’s not a costume.”

“It’s very spooky! Ahh!” Biden said as he threw up his arms in mock fear.

Witnesses to the exchange report that Mulvaney left the White House in tears while a confused Biden looked on. First Lady Jill Biden rushed to the scene moments later to direct the president indoors where she helpfully explained to him that men are women, people don’t like their hair sniffed, and candy corn hasn’t been enjoyed since the depression.

Joe Biden reportedly thanked the first lady by complimenting her fantastic costume. “You almost look like a real doctor!” he said.

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