For 30 years, James Golden, AKA “Bo Snerdley,” served as conservative radio host legend Rush Limbaugh’s right-hand man, as well as his close friend. Golden was there from the beginning of Rush’s show to the final, tearful moments.

Since Rush’s passing in 2021 from lung cancer, Golden has helped carry on Rush’s legacy through many various endeavors, including his popular radio show on WABC, “Bo Snerdley’s Rush Hour,” and his bestselling book “Rush on the Radio.”

Golden was far more than just Rush’s “sidekick,” however. He has profound insights on many of the issues American voters are facing today and his many years of experience lend him credibility and wisdom that make him a formidable force in the arena of conservative politics.

I was able to ask Golden about his thoughts on the upcoming midterm election as well as some of the most important issues facing voters now. Much like his predecessor, his words were optimistic, encouraging and inspirational.

Today, we are featuring part three of a three-part interview where Golden shares his views on what Rush would have to say to his listeners today, what issues voters are likely to care about most when they cast their ballots on Tuesday, the possibility of a Red Wave, and much more

In one of your podcasts, “On the Border,” you speak with people who have firsthand knowledge of what’s truly happening there with America’s immigration crisis. What do you think are the biggest problems and threats voters should be aware of related to that crisis?

If most people knew what was really happening on the border, there would be calls for a complete overhaul of our agencies. My cohost on that is Todd Bensman from the Center for Immigration Studies. This is a guy who spends his life in Texas and Mexico, and then at Mexico’s southern border and beyond. He is there on the ground.

Some of the things… just some of the things that he’s reporting- the U.N. is involved in helping to fund this surge of illegal immigrants coming through. They’re giving financial support by way of what we call debit cards. Money is being given for food, for housing.

There’s also a vast corruption of the asylum process. In some cases, applicants that are coming in through Central and South America are stopped by Mexican officials… and by the way, if you are seeking asylum, you are supposed to go to the first country that you reach that will not prosecute you for whatever your asylum claims are, and that would be Mexico, not the United States.

But anyway, many of these people coming through Central America and South America stop in Mexico and they’re asked, “Where are you going?” “To the United States.” “Why?” And the reasons they cite are for economic reasons which are not a reason that is recognized to go past the border into America. They’re turned away.

They are then intercepted by two organizations mainly, and Todd has interviewed these people. Not just the people that are intercepted, he’s interviewing people in these organizations that then work with the rejected immigrants and all of a sudden, after being interviewed multiple times by these organizations they recall past instances where they have been persecuted in their countries and thereby then submit claims of political asylum.

It is a sham. The whole thing is a sham… We are on track to have over 4.6 million illegal entries into the United States. That is a population bigger than some of our states. In just this one year. What is going on at the border is beyond a crisis and it is going to impact the economic and the national security of the United States.

If you haven’t considered running for president in 2024, which I personally would love to see, who do you think would be the best candidates to run? Who do you think would be the strongest contenders for the Republican ticket?

It would never be me; I would lose in a heartbeat because I don’t have the tolerance to put up with a lot of nonsense. Nah, I’d be out within the first two days. I wouldn’t make it, for real. Look, President Trump showed us what could be done battling the Democrats and the backstabbing RINOs in his own party and still was probably the most effective President that conservatives have seen since Ronald Reagan and in some ways… he was able to deliver some things that even the great Ronald Reagan could not.

And this is against all this hatred, which was… a derangement by the left. So, of course, I would not abandon Donald Trump after he’s done so much for this country. But we have a bench that’s incredible. You have Ron DeSantis in Florida, you’ve got Governor Youngkin who is doing an outstanding job in Virginia, I think everybody is looking at Kristi Noem as well, and Kari Lake, and saying, “Wow! We have got some really young, very conservative, fearless people that are on the Republican bench for a change.”

And you contrast that to what the Democrats… I mean who are people talking about for the Democrats if Biden doesn’t run again? They’re talking about Hillary Clinton may make another go at it, Gasm Newsome as I call him, Gavin Newsom, and Michelle Obama… So, it’ll be interesting to see what happens on both sides. But we have got a lot of great people in the Republican wheelhouse right now that could easily become great presidents.

I think the fact they are so bold and aren’t afraid to speak up… with the way cancel culture is, I feel like Democrats have really silenced conservatives. I know personally so many people that are afraid to speak up on social media, especially, about their beliefs. What do you think is the best way for conservatives to push back against that?

I don’t think the problem that we are experiencing with social media is ever going to be solved until wealthy Republicans put the same kind of investment as wealthy liberals into changing the societal order. Wealthy Democrats, liberals, progressives, own the infrastructure of the Internet. So, I don’t care what social media platform you put up, it is still in danger of being shut down because we don’t own the nuts and bolts of the Internet.

The data centers… very few… the web services business which is almost totally controlled by Amazon. You have to actually start building a parallel economy in the tech world. You have to if we’re ever going to be free of this threat of censorship.

Now, there are some things that are happening in the world that will, I believe in the next 10, 15 years, diminish the power of Facebook, diminish the power of Twitter even if Elon is successful in completing his purchase- that’s Web3. Web3 is coming, and it’s a different structure, but it is still in the beginnings of growth, so a lot of people don’t even understand the difference between Web2 and Web3. I’m still trying to educate myself on it.

There are changes on the horizon… Look one thing we know about humanity – what is here today is going to be replaced by something else tomorrow. And that’s for certain. So, the pendulum will swing on some of the fortunes of some of these companies that are so involved in canceling conservative speech.

But we should make sure that we’re planning for the future. That’s one thing that we can do. I would also say that one of the things that would help immensely is if we stop looking at them as being superior. They’re not. Let’s go back to where you started this conversation- Rush. Thanks to Rush’s contributions to America single-handedly, what he helped our side realize is that we are not a minority group in America.

Right now, we have pretty much political parity in this country. It is a fight that has now been going on for over 50 years between the right and the left, and now with the media, we have very strong media in this country. You look at all the conservative publications. Look at the publication you’re working with for this interview. Look at the others that are out here. Look at everyone from Daily Caller to Daily Wire, Biz Pack Review, American Wire, Just the News, and on and on and on. There’s so many. American Thinker. You’ve got so many publications. National Review, The Federalist, and I don’t want to leave anybody out.

Newsbusters, who I also write for.

Of course, I was just about to say Newsbusters deserves its own special place. I was about to get to that because I went to the MRC Gala and there you see what Newsbusters and what Brent Bozell have done, exceptionally for all these years, is exposing who these people are and what they say. And what they have been saying.

So, one of the things we have to do is stop looking at ourselves as being an inferior media. At least in the world of the Internet, and in the world of radio, conservatives are dominant. They’re a dominant voice. And print publications now thanks to the efforts of all of these publishers, we’re there, in terms of investigative work… the kind that’s going on at MRC, but it’s not just MRC. I mean, look at what’s going on with Judicial Watch these days. And even Heritage is changing from just being a think tank organization to now doing more grassroots activism.

We are becoming an equal force, a competing equal force in the landscape of American media. And a lot of that is due to the efforts that Rush Limbaugh made when amassing this incredible audience. You know, from the day Rush started to the day that he passed away, the Rush Limbaugh Show continued to grow. What started out as 5 million, which was an astounding number then, weekly, had grown to over 27 million people listening to Rush. And let me tell you, it had a dramatic impact on the way that this country was able to navigate itself over the last 30 years.

I think you’re doing an excellent job honoring his legacy. I know you’ve given me the encouragement I used to get from him just in this interview. You’re doing an awesome job.

Well, thank you. I appreciate that. You know, I had a radio career before I met Rush. I was at WABC where I am now in New York. That’s actually where I did meet Rush, at WABC. So, being on the air at WABC 6 days a week is to me like returning home, and I’m enjoying it. I’m enjoying the success that we’re having with the program there.

And I’m also, by the way, enjoying the fact that there are so many voices that have picked up the mantel for Rush… Of course, you have Clay and Buck, you have Dana Loesch… you have Dan Bongino out here, of course. And then there are other voices that are still very present- Sean Hannity, Mark Levin, these guys I love dearly.

Rush’s legacy is alive because talk radio is still vibrant. It may not just be the one dominant voice as it was with Rush before, but his legacy is so very, very alive. There was a poll the other day, Diana Mee pointed this out, she was the editrix of The Limbaugh Letter… Diana pointed out to me the other day that there’s a poll that most people would be astounded by, which is that the majority of Gen. X voters are Republican. And many of those are Rush babies. Those are kids who grew up listening to Rush with their families. So, his impact is still with us in all kinds of ways, and he will never be forgotten.

For more information on Golden and his illustrious career in radio and politics, visit his website at Check out his radio show “Rush Hour” and podcasts here, and read more about his bestselling book “Rush on the Radio” here.

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