There’s nothing more satisfying than watching the Left try and start a scolding, nagging, Karen-like tag only to see it taken over by mean ol’ Conservatives. It’s one of the true pleasures we have as Twitchy editors, covering Lefty hashtags and watching them completely lose control of them.

Take for example, the #AMessageToElonMusk tag that clearly started as some finger-wagging nag-fest from the Left telling Elon how to do his job as Chief Twit. They simply cannot deal with the idea of free speech for people they disagree with.

It started out naggy enough:

Kindness matters.



Yeah, scold Elon, that’ll get him to listen to you.

Or not.

But you know, WE’RE the fascists.




And showing us who the real and true haters really are.


Pretty sure that’s his goal.

Just sayin’.

The same people who have been pretending they are the good ones, the kind and tolerant ones, the ones acting as if it is the Right that is full of evil fascists has lost their ever-loving minds over the idea of people they disagree with NOT being suppressed.

We knew the Left was pretty broken and unhinged, but this has been insane.

Haven’t seen these many bricks shat since Trump won.



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