We get it, Katie Hobbs posted this on Halloween but c’mon, considering she’s been so scared of Kari Lake and reporters that she’s hidden in bathrooms and freight elevators you’d think she’d be smart enough to avoid anything and everything to do with being afraid.

But … nope.

She’s just not that bright.

Look at this mess:

She had to know this wouldn’t go well.

Wait, let us rephrase that.

The 15-year-old running her Twitter account had to know this wouldn’t go well.

Kari Lake herself (or her team) tweeted back:



And it didn’t bet any better after that.

Hey, that’s our joke.

That would be amazing.


She hides from reporters in BATHROOMS.


Maybe she could do some voice-over work for cartoons … that itty, bitty voice.

One wonders.

Or maybe she just naturally sucks at it?



Seeing a theme here.

Yeah, she really is bad at this.

Such great Twitchy fodder though!

We should send her a thank you note and some cookies after she loses next week.



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