Last Updated on November 1, 2022

A video of a knife attack at Proctor High School in Utica, New York on Monday has gone viral after a Black student attacked an Asian student with a blade in a seemingly unprovoked attack which fortunately left none seriously wounded.

The victim suffered multiple stab wounds to his back and hands, but his injuries are not considered to be life-threatening. The school has been closed for the duration of this week in response, in addition to the implementation of increased police presence.

The violent attack happened around 10:50 AM local time on Monday, according to the City of Utica Police Department and the Utica City School District.

“Drop the knife, bro! Drop the knife!” people in the crowd could be heard yelling at the armed attacker.


The assailant was able to stab the victim in the back several times before the two got into a tussle over the bladed weapon. It was at this point that other students began to realize what was happening and called for school security to intervene. A nearby male teacher was able to disarm the aggressor.

The attacker, 17, was charged with attempted assault, a Class C felony, and criminal possession of a weapon, a misdemeanor. However, several geopolitical analysts have asserted that a heftier charge, like aggravated assault or attempted murder, would be more suitable.

Added security was seemingly not enough to prevent the attack. Despite the fact that Utica City School District installed a new weapons detection system in every building at the start of the school year.

Acting Superintendent of Utica City School District, Brian Nolan, made a statement on Monday about the violent interaction. “We’re looking at the metal detecting systems themselves, we’re looking at the calibration, the police are interviewing the assailant and trying to get information from him on how the weapon was brought into the school,” Nolan said.

“The Utica Police Department will have an increased presence both within the school building and outside. We understand that many questions will be raised throughout this process, and we will be as transparent with the answers as we can,” Utica PD said in a statement. “The safety and security of our students and staff remain the number one priority, and we will never stop striving to ensure that happens.”

Public intel analysts and citizens alike opined on the violent viral attack.

“This is yet another example of the rise of violence associated with White Supremacy,” Brandon Straka lamented parodically.

YouTuber, Blaire White, also made a joke about the situation.

“Home school kids come out weird,” White asserted satirically.

“What is going through this ‘man’s’ mind? I keep saying the level of violence in high schools is going to end up like what you’d see in a prison documentary,” Twitter user Ronin said.

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