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(FAITHWIRE) — Author David Limbaugh, brother of the late Rush Limbaugh, believes there are some “supernaturally mind-blowing” realities about the Bible and its relevance to the human experience — elements he has extensively explored throughout his expansive writing career.

In particular, Limbaugh, who co-authored the new book, “The Resurrected Jesus: The Church in the New Testament,” alongside his daughter, Christen Limbaugh Bloom, said he finds the timeless truths of Scripture and their persistent relevance captivating.

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“Every time you read Scripture, you may read it in a different context. You get a different insight … which proves that it’s the living Word of God,” he told CBN’s Faithwire, noting it is both enduring and unchangeable. “The Word doesn’t change, but it meets you in whatever circumstances you are and it’s God’s speaking directly to you, which I find supernaturally mind-blowing.”

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