President Biden was firing off disgusting lies at mind-boggling speed yesterday, so the competition is stiff. However, I think this one posted to the official White House Twitter account inarguably deserves recognition as the lie of the day. In the tweet Biden claims responsibility for the COLA increase in Social Security disbursements next year. The White House attributes the increase in “Social Security checks” to Biden’s “leadership,” which is true in the sense that he is responsible for the historic inflation to which the COLA increase is tied by law.

With their laughable work on behalf of the Democratic Party. I think the MSM fact-checkers might rate this “partially true.” It is in a sense a confession. Yet the White House counts on the ignorance of its audience not to understand what it means.

UPDATE: The White House has deposited the tweet down the memory hole. Below is a screenshot with comment appended via Marketwatch.

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