Once again Joe Biden showed us and the world that he is severely mentally impaired and is in no shape to be anywhere near the oval office.

This time he made the insane claim that if lightening should ever strike and knock out the power you can simply plug in your electric vehicle and the car’s battery will light up the house.

Biden then made it worse by saying “I’m not joking.”

“And by the way, in your home, you know, the batteries that we have now and they’re getting more and more sophisticated,” Biden said. “You know, a lightning storm takes out all the electricity in the house, guess what? You can plug your car into the house and make it light up. You think I’m joking? It’s a little simplistic, but literally you can. Literally you can.”

As we all know by now Joe Biden is not all there so when he says he’s not joking about this I believe him.

It’s not a joke at all.

Joe Biden is a national security risk because he lives in a dementia driven fairy tale world where you can plug your Tesla into your house after the power goes out and light it up.

God only knows what Biden might think about any number of things that are way more important and critical then this nonsense.

My guess is shortly after the mid-terms the Democrats will use Hunter Biden’s scandals to ruthlessly put old Joe the “big guy” out to pasture where he belongs.

Not sure Kamala Harris would be any better or smarter but at least she’s not showing visible signs of dementia.

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