Daily Wire host and author Matt Walsh ripped into COVID lockdown tyrants after a columnist on Monday begged for “pandemic amnesty.”

Brown University economist Emily Oster, writing at The Atlantic, admitted that aspects of school closures and other government mandates were ultimately unnecessary, while asserting that “we need to forgive one another for what we did and said when we were in the dark about COVID.”

“The point here is not to gloat,” Walsh blasted, referring to Oster’s claim that people who “got it right” “may want to gloat.”

“I’m not much in the mood for gloating after what they did and what they took from us. Children committed suicide, elderly people died alone in nursing homes, many businesses went under, people lost everything — gloat?” he continued. “No, no, no, we want justice. We want accountability. We want to set an example so that they won’t try this again.”

“Move on? I’ll move on after there have been military tribunals,” the “What is a Woman?” star said. “I’ll move on when [Dr. Anthony] Fauci and his comrades are tried and convicted for crimes against humanity and given the maximum penalty for it. That’s when we can move on.”

Left-wing officials have started to distance themselves from lockdown policies they advocated or implemented over the past two years.

Dr. Fauci last month told ABC’s Jonathan Karl he had “nothing to do” with school closures.

“I ask anybody to go back over the number of times that I have said we’ve got to do everything we can to keep the schools open, no one plays that clip,” Fauci told Karl, FEE Stories noted. “They always come back and say, ‘Fauci was responsible for closing schools.’ I had nothing to do [with it].”

FEE’s Jon Miltimore then listed six times Fauci, the nation’s infectious diseases official, advocated for or endorsed school closures.

Democratic Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer last month, as she was pressed about dismal K-12 student test scores in a gubernatorial debate, claimed she only helped shut down schools for “three months.”

“[Republican candidate Tudor] Dixon says that I kept students out longer than any other state. That’s just not true,” Whitmer said. “I worked closely with my Republican and Democratic governors. Kids were out for three months.”

“I’m pretty sure I just heard an audible gasp around town when Gretchen Whitmer said that kids were out of school for three months,” Dixon responded. “Perhaps she wasn’t paying attention to what was actually happening. We even had schools that were closed this year.”


Whitmer, who oversaw some of the strictest COVID restrictions in the nation, later admitted that schools were closed for far longer than three months in Michigan, but insisted those decisions were out of her hands.

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