On the campaign trail in 2019, then-candidate Biden promised a voter that he would “end fossil fuel”:

Since Biden took office Americas are paying a lot more for gas, and of course the White House has blamed “Putin’s price increase.”

However, prices have dropped somewhat after Biden raided the nation’s Strategic Petroleum Reserve, so now the White House is taking credit for a slight price drop. Biden’s also begged OPEC to ramp up production, which caused them to reduce the amount of oil they’re producing.

The bottom line is that the price of gas is one of the main issues for voters with the midterm elections just six days away, but “climate czar” John Kerry is still reminding everybody that this administration’s goal is the elimination of fossil fuel (except for his private jet, no doubt):

In other words, if you want gas prices to skyrocket even more, vote for the Democrats on Tuesday.

Speaking of economic suicide, just a few days ago Kerry said he’d like to see the U.S. spend a few trillion dollars helping the entire world transition to “clean energy”:

If these people are in charge much longer the only thing we’re going to “transition” to is living in caves while millions freeze to death every winter.



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