As we reported earlier, AOC criticized Elon Musk’s plan to charge user’s $8 per month to have the iconic blue check on their accounts.


When Musk finalized the purchase of the social media giant, he changed his account profile’s bio to read ‘Chief Twit’.

He recently changed that bio, however, to ‘Twitter Complaint Hotline Operator’ after announcing plans to charge users for the blue check.

Like any good hotline operator, Elon was there to collect AOC’s feedback on the new subscription plan.

‘Your feedback is appreciated, now pay $8’. LOL! That’s jut funny. Say it yourself. You’ll laugh. We dare you.


Twitter users were equally amused by the troll from the new Twitter boss.

She clearly just wants to date him. LOL.

So. Many. Memes.

Yea, we’re pretty sure she can set aside $8 per month out of her $174,000 salary.

Twitter is definitely more fun already, and he’s just getting started.


We just said that!



We could probably crowdsource this one.

Seriously, the memes just follow this guy everywhere.




That’s really the best part of this. Way too many Twitter blue checks take themselves very seriously and think you should too. The guy who now owns Twitter doesn’t take himself seriously at all, or  them, or much of anything else.

It’s killing them.

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