Not that anyone ever thought that Hillary Clinton was a “moderate” Democrat, but her agreeing to appear on TV as a guest of Joy Reid, one of the biggest purveyors of conspiracy theories out there, shows that she’s as progressive as it gets. We mentioned her appearance earlier today, during which she said voters “don’t really understand” what’s at stake with these midterm elections and what they’re set to lose — the Republicans are salivating over taking away Social Security and Medicare for one.

We’re going back to the well because Clinton herself thought this was the clip to post to her own Twitter timeline. How can Republicans say they’re tough on crime when they don’t care about the attack on Paul Pelosi?

“One of their cult members.” So Pelosi’s attacker is what, a big Trump supporter? And no Republican would wish for Pelosi to be harmed — we do wonder, however, how his attacker managed to get past both the neighborhood security and the Pelosis’ own security system. We just have questions, but apparently, that’s not allowed.

“Hillary Clinton on political violence” … did she happen to see the riots the day after she lost the 2016 election? The riots outside of Donald Trump’s inauguration? Those had nothing to do with police brutality; those were strictly political. Here’s a rioter smashing out car windows in Portland the day after Clinton lost:

They’re seriously trying to memory-hole all of the #AbolishThePolice movements, some of which came to fruition in Democrat-run cities.

Yeah, the attacker was mega-MAGA. Haven’t you read the news?

A kid was killed.

Well said.


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