As we told you, earlier today, the Twitter system worked when citizen fact-checkers busted the White House for a wildly misleading tweet about higher Social Security checks for seniors thanks to Joe Biden’s “leadership.” The White House found themselves with no choice but to delete the offending tweet and act as if they’d never tweeted it in the first place.

Well, inquiring minds — including ours — would very much like to know how the White House would like to explain that, since they didn’t bother with any explanation when they deleted it. Fortunately, a reporter asked Karine Jean-Pierre about it at today’s White House press briefing:

Oh, it was missing context about Medicare! Of course. If that had been in the tweet, it would’ve been totally accurate and honest.


Well, at least she’s honest about the fact that it wasn’t complete and was missing context. Thank goodness tweeters stepped up to provide that missing context. The White House should be grateful to those tweeters for filling in the gaps, but instead, they’re just doubling down on the dishonesty. Typical.

Say it with us: This administration has no respect for you and thinks you’re stupid.

Been stepping on a whole lotta rakes lately. And we’ve seen every single one.

Logic and common sense would dictate that they’d back off and re-evaluate their strategy heading into the midterms, but logic and common sense just aren’t how this administration operates. They’ve got nothing left in their arsenal. And so, off the rails they go.

That’s no monster … just the specter of looming defeat.



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