Patricia Zengerle is a reporter for Reuters who covers Congress, with a focus on foreign policy.

And apparently her gig pays pretty well. At least well enough for high gas prices not to be an issue for her:

Seriously, peasants. What are you complaining about?

Patricia Zengerle: “Yeah, well, you’re probably doing something wrong, then.”

Patricia conveniently left out the fact that she paid nine cents more for gas than she paid at this time last year because of things like Joe Biden depleting the Strategic Petroleum Reserve in a desperate effort to buy votes from people who are capable of seeing with their own eyes that gas prices are not “going down” as Ron Klain insists. Biden’s fixes to high gas prices are only temporary Band-Aids that don’t actually address the root causes of high gas prices. You’d think that what with being a big-time reporter and having access to all kinds of prominent political voices, Patricia would dig a little more into what’s actually happening rather than just take everything at face value.

The answer to that is in Mollie’s tweet: “propaganda press.” Journos like Zengerle who “inform” the public by telling them not to believe their own lying eyes and ears are effectively mouthpieces for the Biden administration.

Polls often show journalists as one of the few groups of people who are even more despised than Congress. Patricia Zengerle might want to think about why that is.



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