NBC News just did a segment on their online streaming network explaining how voter ID laws aren’t just racist, but transphobic.

They bring on woman that looks like a dude to explain how these voter ID laws target ‘trans people’:

Jo Yurcaba says that ‘trans people are more likely to have IDs without the name that they go by and the gender marker that reflects how they present’.

Seems to me the problem isn’t the law at all, but the fact that these people are walking around pretending to be something they are not. If your ID is a reminder of how you were born and you don’t like that, that’s not a problem with the law.

And honestly, I don’t see how this is a problem anyway. If they show someone their ID and they look somewhat like their photo, regardless of any ‘transition’ they’ve gone through, then there is no problem. They will be let in to vote like normal.

If their given name and the ‘gender’ they use is different, they can just tell the person I go by Frank now but I used to be Sally, and they’ll be let in to vote.

Honestly, it sounds like to me that NBC News and these activists are just trying to create a problem and blame it on Voter ID laws because they hate Voter ID laws.

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