Uh, no. Just no.

This is a master class in how the media spins and misleads. Perhaps we could call it….I don’t know…misinformation?

Politico puts out a story about how a Republican PAC is raising the issue of the LGBTQ+++++ grooming of children, and chooses to describe the ad campaign as “Republicans targeting transgender kids.”


Nobody but the groomers are targeting the kids. The ads are targeting the people grooming the kids to become hyper-sexualized and mutilated while teens.

The ads literally are about how the Left has been exploiting children for their own nefarious ends. Putting pornography into the schools. Secretly discussing sexuality with preschoolers, parading around pre-pubescent boys in dresses as sex objects. Drag kids are a thing. Sexual mutilation is happening. Most of the time the Left shouts it out proud, but not when it costs them at the polls.

So they lie, they scream “hate!” and use their victimhood points to get the media to bail them out. Politico is trying to do so here.

A deluge of radio spots and mailers targeting transgender children is hitting swing-state voters as part of a broad ad campaign directed by prominent Trump administration alums.

Polling rarely registers transgender-related issues as a top priority for voters, with other topics like the economy and public safety taking the lead in this midterm cycle. But America First Legal, launched by longtime Donald Trump aide Stephen Miller, has plastered airwaves and mailboxes with the issue ahead of the election — all without mentioning candidates currently running for office, as both groups are registered nonprofits.

The story is based upon a ridiculous press release put out by the Human Rights Campaign, which is one of the propaganda mills of the LGBTQ+++ movement. It is a transparent hit job, throwing in all the tropes that hit the political erogenous zones for the Left. Trump.  Targeting defenseless children. Hate. Racism. Bad Republicans. Bad Orange Man! Puppies will die! Tortured kittens, too!

With the 2022 midterm elections less than two weeks away, extremist candidates and the anti-LGBTQ+ organizations supporting them are seizing on an anti-trans messaging strategy, making their final pitch to voters by funneling tens of millions of dollars into political ads and mail attacking transgender youth and spreading misinformation, according to new research on election spending conducted by the Human Rights Campaign. The research reveals that a significant portion of the ad spending is being targeted to reach Black and Spanish-speaking voters, including through TV, radio, digital, and direct mail.

You know the drill. We have heard the tiresome message a million times during the past several years. “Misinformation” and “voter suppression” are now all purpose terms for telling the truth and talking to voters. The Left is getting creamed on every issue because they are pushing an evil agenda and people are waking up to it.

NAACP president Derrick Johnson said the organization sent letters to radio stations asking them not to run the ad, which he called “the worst I’ve seen” on the issue this cycle.

“This is playing to the lowest common denominator of hate and otherizing, targeting the LGBT community,” Johnson said. “When you create this type of negative reaction to individuals who [don’t] present any societal grief, you only create space for people to feel justified for attacking them physically and through public policy.”

The NAACP–an organization that supposedly represents blacks in America, is calling for an ad about transgender grooming to be pulled down? I think he missed the plot. Johnson literally is arguing that imploring people to stop the mutilation of children endangers…the children? Nobody is harming children but the child mutilators and adults who are sexualizing them for their own disgusting fantasies.

This tells you everything you need to know about the Left’s grifters and how they work–and also how absolutely panicked they must be to coordinate messaging on this issue. It seems implausible to me that the average African American is just dying to ensure that nobody questions the spread of transgender ideology in the schools. Is the average African American begging for the NAACP, one of the premier organizations supposedly speaking for their community, to defend the Human Rights Campaign groomers?

I doubt it. I could be wrong, but something tells me that other issues probably come to mind for their constituents. And if the ads are targeting black and hispanic voters, it’s probably because polling indicates that they actually hate the transgender sexualization of their children. In which case the NAACP is working against their own constituents.

Surprise! I am shocked that the race grifters don’t care what actual black people think. They have an election to win.

As ridiculous as the claim that Trump minions are terrorizing children is the explanation for what the goal might be: suppressing voters.

Geoff Wetrosky, the Human Rights Campaign’s national campaign director, said the ads are an effort to suppress turnout.

“If they were looking to motivate voters to get to the polls and support particular candidates, I don’t think it would be using the particular language and messaging that they’re using,” he said. “It’s meant to fly under the radar as much as possible. Voter suppression efforts are typically done at the last minute and behind the scenes.”

How, exactly, are ads about the danger of the transgender agenda supposed to suppress turnout? Are the mailers sprouting guns, or men in white robes or something? Are subliminal threats buried in the radio ads? The mechanism totally escapes me.

Because it is bullish*t. Crap. A pile of dung. Totally without merit.

Perhaps, just perhaps, they are worried that people don’t approve of what Leftists have been doing to children? Voter suppression, in this case, might actually mean reminding people that the Left is doing awful, truly evil things to children. That kind of voter suppression? Telling the truth will of course reduce the Democrat vote, but not due to suppression. Due to normal folks recoiling at the evil being done.

Politico has packed every idiotic and deceptive trope into this article, complete with scare words and total distortions of reality. Questioning child mutilation and sexual exploitation is “attacking kids.” Reminding people who exactly is doing this is “voter suppression?”

It is propaganda, not reporting. I would say Politico should be ashamed, but this exactly the sort of thing the MSM does literally every day.

They are hacks. Shameless hacks fronting for an evil agenda. I will glory in their despair on November 8th.

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