At this point, we’re kinda sorta starting to genuinely wonder if PolitiFact is on the Democratic Party’s payroll. It seems like every time Republicans and conservatives draw attention to a Democrat saying something bad, PolitiFact, well, pounces and seizes on the Dems’ behalf.

There’s certainly some compelling evidence to support the theory the relationship between Democrats and PolitiFact is just a little bit too close for comfort. Here’s one more piece for the pile:

“False.” Well, yes, PolitiFact … we suppose that if you’re living in the Upside-Down, the claim is false.

And a complete joke.


Politifact explains why the several times Dems objected to election results were only ‘mostly symbolic measures’

PolitiFact comes to Kamala Harris’ rescue after she said that hurricane relief resources should be based on equity

PolitiFact uses accurate statements from Ron DeSantis and J.D. Vance as evidence that the two Republicans are liars


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