President Joe Biden seems to have learned one thing and one thing only from his infamous “Red Speech,” and that is to not use a blood-red backdrop to deliver remarks about the end of democracy. On Wednesday evening he had the good sense to stand before a backdrop of flags instead, but it didn’t change the message.

Fact-check: Lacking context. Press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre told the press that Biden had condemned the assassination plot against Justice Brett Kavanaugh … it’s just that everybody must have missed it because no one in the press had any memory of it.

We’d better not hear anyone denying any election results.

Why is that? What changed from 2016?

This is their last, best hope before the midterms.

We’re being led to accept that it will be days before we know the results of the midterms.

That’s the speech. If Democrats lose there will be a ton of political violence, so you’d better vote for them.

Once more, just for kicks:


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