The White House has delivered excerpts of President Joe Biden’s “democracy in danger” speech that he’ll deliver Wednesday evening in front of a Union Station whose homeless encampments have been cleared out. As we pointed out earlier, this is a Hail Mary speech before the midterms, and as we’ve also pointed out, polls show that that approach doesn’t work. “The death of our democracy” is not moving voters to the polls, despite Biden’s warnings about election deniers up and down the ballot. He wishes he could say the assault on our democracy ended on January 6, but he can’t.

After the Republicans sweep the midterms, let’s see exactly who the election deniers are, shall we?

“That is the path to chaos in America. It’s unprecedented. It’s unlawful. And, it is un-American.”

The 2020 election was “the greatest success of American democracy in history.

Seriously … the more they wail about “election deniers” and the death of democracy, the shadier the 2020 election looks. We’re not allowed to question that one after four years of Russian interference in our elections. Whatever happened to that? Will they blame Putin for the red wave?


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