Once we saw from the tweet that this was an analysis from the Washington Post, we knew right away that it must be Philip Bump, and indeed it is. We’re honestly sorry for what happened to Paul Pelosi … whatever that was. We have a police report in which an obviously insane David DePape confesses to the attack, but we’re not going to forget being scolded by Politico for spreading “baseless claims” about a third party being in the house — just hours after Politico reported that an unidentified third-party opened the door to the police.

Conservatives want to know what happened, but apparently asking questions isn’t allowed: They’re still building the narrative and don’t want any interruptions. And so Bump claims that calls to release security video of the attack “is mostly a way to extend the conspiracy theory.” What conspiracy theory? Just tell us what happened — you’re the journalist.

Bump writes:

What makes conspiracy theories so powerful, though, is information. They aren’t simply invented out of thin air. They’re cobbled together piecemeal from people looking for patterns that don’t exist. When movies show deranged people drawing colored string between points on a corkboard, they aren’t threading together empty spots. They’re connecting random things that have no actual connection, picking out faces in clouds.

On Tuesday evening, The Washington Post reported that the Capitol Police had a live feed of the Pelosi couple’s San Francisco house during the attack but that no one was monitoring the feed. In short order, a new demand emerged: Release that video! Release the video of the responding police officers! What are you hiding?! Because this is how the conspiracy theory continues to ooze forward. There’s always some information out there being suspiciously hidden that will prove the conspiracy theory correct. If that information is suppressed, it reinforces the conspiracy theory. If it is released, it becomes evidence that contributes to the conspiracy theory — colored yarn is pinned to it — or attention just turns to some other just-out-of-sight information.

So … if we’re following, it’s the media’s job to pick which information to suppress to keep people from asking questions.

Yeah, no.

We’re not ashamed to be called conspiracy theorists, especially seeing how many “conspiracies” have turned out to be true. Release the video.


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