Millions upon millions of Americans are struggling under the suffocating weight of a Democratic presidential administration and Congress, but it’s nothing compared to the ordeal that Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has been through over the past few days ever since new Twitter dictator Elon Musk announced that blue-checks will have to shell out a staggering $8 a month to keep their blue checks.

It’s a grave injustice, says AOC. Not to mention downright rude.

She even made a video about it. You can watch it, if you don’t mind the sound of her smacking her lips and eating small pieces of what looks to be some kind of chicken-nugget-type thing with her mouth open:

Who got under whose skin, AOC? Because from where we’re sitting, it looks like Elon Musk is more entertained than angry. For AOC, it’s quite the opposite.

And the rabbit may not have even done anything.

But AOC made a name for himself by going after people who have more money than she does, so obviously her mind immediately goes to “i’M bEiNg CeNsOrEd.”


And speaking of things that are pressed, let’s talk about the clothes that AOC sells at her online shop. Specifically, the $58 shirts that probably cost like $2 to make, if that. Musk called her out for complaining about an $8 monthly blue-check fee when she expects supporters to fork over more than seven months’ worth of blue-check fees to buy one of her periwinkle Supporter Crew sweatshirts:

AOC fired back about three hours later:

When AOC sells ridiculously overpriced merchandise, she’s selling “real goods” and helping out workers and her community, you see.

That’s a fat load of baloney, of course:

And speaking of political campaigns:

That right there should tell you how much you should trust AOC to be honest and transparent, both in real life and on Twitter.

Ha! If only.


Anyway, this all raises a very valid question:

That’s gotta be it. There’s literally no other explanation for her behavior.



Elon Musk trolls AOC: Your feedback is appreciated, now pay $8


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