Whichever braindead intern came up with this ballot meme idea had to know it wouldn’t go well.

Yeah, we’re pretty sure Biden doesn’t even know Twitter exists, let alone write his own tweets … what a sad, pathetic narrative the Democrats have. And all based on lies. REALLY GUYS, do you think anyone other than the 1 in 3 people who supposedly think Biden is doing an OK job will believe Democrats want to lower costs? Hello, #Bidenflation anyone?!

Look at this dumpster fire:

Protect abortion.


People had other ideas of what this ballot would look like:

Hey, at least this one is honest.


More truth, though.


We especially like the ‘orange man bad’ cartoon.

Wouldn’t that have been something else?

But you know, somehow, someway this has all been Trump’s fault.


They had to know that one wouldn’t fly and PLEASE with the birth control nonsense. The GOP has been trying to make the pill over the counter for decades, Democrats always block it to protect their pals at Planned Parenthood.

Keep your foot on the pedal, peeps!



WOW, sounds like there’s some serious F**KERY going on with the City of Milwaukee Election Commission

Lincoln Project’s embarrassing Ted Budd GAFFE proves EVERYTHING Rick Wilson touches turns to crap

BRUTAL thread BLASTS media for twisting and retelling Paul Pelosi attack story to help Democrats


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