Boy oh boy, the drugged-out nudist hippie and ‘friend’ in his underwear who attacked Paul Pelosi with a hammer story has been told, twisted, retold, and twisted some more. We don’t think we’ve seen the media (Left) work any harder to control the narrative around a story this much since the Hunter Biden laptop thing.

And that’s really sayin’ something.

At this point, if you DARE repeat what was first reported about the Pelosi attack YOU’RE a conspiracy theorist. Oh, and mention the underwear thing and you’re a HOMOPHOBE fascist promoting violence or something.

Yeah, everything is getting dumber as we get closer to the midterms.

Alexandria Brown was good enough to write an entire thread about the Pelosi story and what we’ve seen the media doing with it … take a look.


Keep going.

Soooo … was he in his underwear?


For shame! Reporting what was actually said!

Who was the third person?

Gotta LOVE those Politico stealth edits.

Were let in by an unknown person.

Gosh, that sounds like a third person to us …

So tiny.

And again, they didn’t really correct the claim that a third person answered the door.



Anything that could hurt Pelosi and help Republicans is baseless, duh.

But the claim that the crazy boy was some whacked-out MAGA is totally trustworthy.


You know, actual facts.

Rinse, repeat.

Because of course.

And they wonder why we all make fun of them.



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