Another day, another Lefty-tantrum-inspired hashtag on Twitter being taken over (hijacked really) by Conservatives. You’d think they’d have learned but we find ourselves once again writing more and more of these stories now that they’re figuring out the losses are stacking up.


The midterms.

It’s going to get bumpy for the mouth-breathers who think abortion is more important than being able to feed your family and put gas in your tank.

What’s really funny is they think these mean hashtags (that we inevitably take over) will SHOW Elon! And ya’ know, it never works out that way for them. It started off like this:

Yeah, he’s super bitter being a billionaire and everything.

OH to be that bitter.

Then it turned into THIS:

Could work. Might be a little clunky for t-shirts and bumper stickers though.

Oooh, did Alyssa Milano and Ron Perlman actually leave?


That would ACTUALLY be really freakin’ cool.

Awwww, see? We’re a giving sort on the Right.

THAT one. Elon should pick that one.


FreeBird would be great.

But the others are fun(ny) as well.

Poor Lefties lost another trend. Better luck next time.



Biden’s attempt to DUNK on Republicans with lame AF ‘cast your ballot’ meme goes HILARIOUSLY wrong

WOW, sounds like there’s some serious F**KERY going on with the City of Milwaukee Election Commission

BRUTAL thread BLASTS media for twisting and retelling Paul Pelosi attack story to help Democrats


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