There’s nothing more painful than watching someone who’s CLEARLY been owned over and over again pretend they weren’t owned and are in fact doing the owning. Watching Elon Musk take millionaire AOC apart for whining about paying $8 a month for her coveted blue check it’s painfully clear, the Socialist Democrat was not hired … sorry, elected … for her thoughts and ability to debate.

C’mon, we’re not even being mean here, we all know she auditioned for this part. And seriously, when we see tweets like these from her? It’s painfully obvious.

That’s ADORABLE, her notifications and mentions magically stopped working after Elon owned her.


But you know, she tweeted this too because GIRL POWER and stuff.


Tell us you’re a total cheapskate without telling us you’re a total cheapskate.



But she’s SPECIAL.




Tucker Carlson goes there (OMG!) in savage takedown of Biden after his latest ‘hate-speech’ (watch)

Kari Lake drops the MIC on smug reporter asking her about causing death of Brian Sicknick (watch)

Someone tried to punch/attack Don Bolduc while Biden was babbling about dangerous Republicans


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