Arizona Democratic gubernatorial nominee Katie Hobbs is holding a meet and greet with former Obama Administration Attorney General Eric Holder on Thursday in Phoenix.

The “African Americans for Katie Hobbs” meet and greet will take place in downtown Phoenix at 1:00 p.m.

Holder has faced no accountability for the Department of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms Fast and Furious scandal, which saw thousands of guns walk to Mexico under his watch. In December 2010, some of the guns were used by members of a Mexican rip crew to murder border patrol agent Brian Terry.

Holder’s visit comes a day after former President Barack Obama stumped for Hobbs and Sen. Mark Kelly (D-AZ), who is locked in a dead-heat with republican challenger Blake Masters.

A Phillips Academy poll released Tuesday shows that Hobbs, Arizona’s secretary of state, trails her Republican opponent, Kari Lake, by double digits. Lake received 53 percent of likely voter support, while Hobbs garnered 42 percent. In fact, 11 of the last 13 polls posted on FiveThirtyEight’s website show Lake leading. The other two have the candidates tied.

The candidates were polling by a closer margin before early October. Hobbs’s fall has coincided with her refusal to debate, which has developed into a disastrous narrative for her. She has faced criticism from both Democrats and Republicans for her decision, and Lake has branded her a “coward.”

Moreover, Hobbs has drawn scrutiny after one of her former employees in the Arizona State Senate, a black woman named Talonya Adams, successfully sued the legislative body for racial and sexual discrimination that she blames Hobbs for. Adams was awarded $2.75 million to Adams, but state law capped it at $300,000. Between lawyer fees and the payout, which was finally sent in September, the case has cost Arizona taxpayers $758,806.

Finally, last month Arizona up to 6,000 Arizona voters received faulty ballots only listing federal races under Hobbs’s watch due to a “voter registration error,” as the Associated Press reported. She stated that the error was corrected and the voters would soon receive complete ballots.

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