Former Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan was reportedly shot in the leg while giving a speech in the Punjab province. Khan was ousted from leadership in Pakistan in April. India News reports that one person was killed in the attack.

While Khan was speaking, a gunman opened fire and he, as well as some of his supporters, were injured in the attack, according to Sky News

Khan gave a statement after the attack on Thursday, saying that “Allah has given me another life. I will fight back, in sha’Allah” according to India News.

A spokesman for the PTI party said that “Imran Khan and Faisal Javed received bullet wounds. A bullet hit Imran Khan’s shin. Both have been taken to hospital for treatment.”

Khan has been on a speaking tour from Lahore to Islamabad, encouraging early elections for Pakistan and “pushing for radical change,” per Sky News. 

He has been traveling amidst a convoy of trucks and cars. Prior to the beginning of his march six days ago, Khan said “This is not for politics or personal gain, or to topple the government… this is to bring genuine freedom to the country.”

“My cameraman Duncan Sharp and I were sitting inside the container Imran Khan was on top of,” said Sky News’ Cordelia Lynch, who was on the scene, “when suddenly we hear screams.”

Lynch had interviewed Khan shortly before the shooting. Confusion reigned in the crowd after the shooting, with supporters concerned that the injuries Khan sustained were far more severe.

Khan was taken to a private hospital in Lahore. The gunman was arrested on the scene.

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