The Democrats know that their main vulnerabilities heading into Tuesday’s midterm elections are inflation, gas prices, crime and illegal immigration. The Dem strategy is now to gaslight by pretending those problems don’t really exist, and if they do in some places they’re just the fault of Republican exaggerations in their efforts to win back the House, Senate and state offices.

Hillary Clinton’s trying to help out the Democrats by claiming that increased crime is actually a problem Republicans have caused. Why? Here, let Hillary explain:

Anybody with an IQ over room temperature can see the game Clinton’s playing there.

Nice try, Hillary, but no…

The Democrat desperation is palpable.



Hillary Clinton’s rant about voter ignorance indicates she knows Dems are about to get shellacked

Hillary Clinton: How can Republicans be tough on crime when they’re fine with the Pelosi attack

It’s Elon Musk’s Twitter now and his reply to Hillary Clinton … well … pop that popcorn


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