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Be still, and know that I am God – Psalm 46:10

By nature, I am the type of person that likes to fix things. There’s something about taken something that is broken, like an appliance or gadget, and repairing it. While many people will simply throw away an old vacuum or broken chair, I love to see if I can fix it.

The same goes for things in life. When my family has things that are broken in their lives, I want to fix them. When they are sick, I want to nurse them back to health. If they are in need, I want to do everything in my power to try and give them what they need.I have had the same perspective when it comes to those I work with or serve within various settings.

The problem is when it comes to me. I am not good at taking a step back and letting others take care of things for me. That goes against my nature. The way I see it, I should be the one doing things for others, not the other way around. Yet, there are times in life when I find myself needing others to help me. Especially God.

We often talk about the scripture in Psalm 46 as one to be still and be patient with God. If you study back to the original text, the idea of being still is putting forth no effort at all. It’s to completely give everything to God and not worry, or even try, on your own.

When we face the difficulties of life, that is the hardest time to simply not put forth effort and trust God. Yet, it is in those moments that God will truly show us how powerful and amazing He is! Rather than fighting and worrying, give it completely over to God. Let Him show just what He can do in your situation.

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