Libs of TikTok–the often banned and often revived Twitter handle of Chaya Raichik–has an epic Twitter rant about why the COVID fascists deserve no quarter nor forgiveness.

And she is right. The Left used COVID as a tool to oppress us and seize power, and some things only God can forgive. And too many unforgivable things were done during the pandemic. A reckoning must come before we move on from this dark period.

Chaya is absolutely right on this first point: perhaps the cruelest of the pandemic policies was the insistence that the aged and the sick die alone without the comfort of their family and friends. The elderly were isolated, denied human contact, died alone, and their families denied the right to grieve.

The Elite™ held massive state funerals for their own, but denied even the small comfort of funerals to ordinary people suffering through grief. It was evil.

Not wrong. Simply evil.

The hypocrisy of the Elite™ was infuriating in itself, but what is especially galling about it is how it reveals that they knew that 1) the danger from COVID for most people was not as great as they were claiming (would they risk near certain death for a haircut or a nice dinner?); and 2) they were aware of how completely arbitrary the rules were. There was no Science™ involved. It was oppression theater to generate hysteria and mandate compliance.

It was oppression theater–with enormous costs and we will be paying the bill for decades. Lives and livelihoods were destroyed, children were irreparably harmed in their development, mental illness and suicide skyrocketed, and despair was spread throughout the land.

And for what? Satisfying the power lust of the Elite™. They knew–they had to know–that what they were doing was never going to stop COVID or even “slow the spread” to an appreciable degree. They didn’t even behave–in private–as if any of the COVID rules would protect them in any way. If Science™ told them that these measures were necessary, why didn’t they follow the rules?

Because they knew it was bunk.

They proved that by ignoring those rules time and again. They even endorsed mass gatherings as long as they included enough arson and murder.

None of this was unknown. People were screaming from the rooftops about the damage being done. It’s just that the people in power did not care a bit about the damage. Billionaires saw their wealth skyrocket, politicians seized more and more power, Klaus Schwab got to start marketing his “Great Reset,” and the scared masses of the Left were frightened into robotic compliance.

What was a nightmare for most people was a dream come true for the Elite™

COVID gave people an excuse to give their cruelest impulses free reign. There was no depth of nastiness to which people would not sink if they could feel entitled to bully you. People screamed at dissenters. Mouthing ridiculous and obviously false platitudes about safety was required to be a respectable member of society. COVID noncompliant people were vilified and ostracized from society. It was insanity.

If you spent any time at all on Twitter you couldn’t avoid the gloating from the high and mighty every time a Republican died of COVID. The glee was palpable, the cruelty nauseating. We were constantly lectured about how complying with authority was an act of compassion, yet compassion was the farthest thing from the minds of these monsters. When the cloth masks were put on the social masks came off. Cruelty was given free rein. We see who you really are now.

I cannot tell you how disturbing it was to see medical professionals–who swear an oath to not behave as they did–deny medical care to the unapproved™. Doctors in Dallas tried to save Oswald’s life after he was shot, despite his heinous crimes. Because the oath of their profession requires dispassion when providing care.

Yet if you were not vaccinated–something that at best only protects the person vaccinated, and no-one else–you were left to die in many cases. Appalling does not begin to describe it. Being unvaccinated, to some doctors, was worse than being a murderer or rapist.

It is vital to remember that none of this was done in an environment of ignorance. Sure, many of the average folks who behaved badly were taken in by the lies of the Elite™. But those in the Elite™ knew exactly what they were doing, and did it with malice aforethought.

Does anybody believe that it was a shock when COVID burned like a wildfire through nursing homes when COVID positive patients were shipped back to live there? Of course not. That is absurd. I–not an epidemiologist–was screaming from the rooftops about focused protection as COVID raged in our nursing homes. Nobody listened.  I talked to the media, called on legislators to impeach our Minnesota Health Commissioner, tweeted the governor. Yet it persisted. Cruel deaths were the result.

I am perfectly willing to forgive friends and family for mistakes that were made. But the Elites™?


A reckoning is coming. At least I hope so.

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