Oh look, Rob Reiner is frothing at the mouth and rambling about fascism and tyranny … again. Maybe Rob is actually a bot at this point, programmed to say the same stupid crap over and over and over again.

We get it, Rob is a good little Democrat and is doing his best to scare the bejeebies out of people so MAYBE they’ll ignore their grocery and gas bills to PROTECT MUH DEMOCRACY but c’mon, dude.

The only people buying into this nonsense are voting blue already.

Or committed.


Imagine thinking Biden is clear about anything.


If anyone knows about tyranny and fascism it’s Joe ‘Forced Vaccines’ Biden.



Psh, we wish.

Stupid, insecure, thin-skinned, uninformed, crazy people think fascism is anything they disagree with.

At least that’s what they’ve turned it into.

Mollie Hemingway just nuked Meathead:

Didn’t Rob Reiner claim he’d leave Twitter if Elon Musk bought it?

Because it’s his only argument.

The guy hasn’t made a real point in a long long time … unless you count his head.



Elon Musk must’ve REALLY gotten under AOC’s skin over $8 because LOL she’s STILL melting down

Tucker Carlson goes there (OMG!) in savage takedown of Biden after his latest ‘hate-speech’ (watch)

Kari Lake drops the MIC on smug reporter asking her about causing death of Brian Sicknick (watch)


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