We’ve heard a lot about how voter ID laws are racist against black people. Jim Crow 2.0 and whatnot. Because apparently it’s racist to require people to prove they are who they say they are when they go to cast a vote, but it’s not racist to assume that certain minorities are too stupid to figure out how to obtain IDs. Yeah, we don’t get it, either.

Well, while that dumb argument persists, there’s a new one that’s popped up in the public discourse, thanks to NBC “News”:

Gee, guess we never thought about that before. Probably because it’s so stupid.

Like, seriously. Come on, NBC News. We know you’re expecting Democrats to get clobbered in the midterms, but trying to pre-emptively blame anti-trans voter ID laws for that feels like a stretch, even for you guys.


Is it really that big a deal if you have to use your birth name to get a ballot? No one is telling you you can’t call yourself Erica if your parents named you Eric. But if the government knows you as Eric, you have to vote as Eric. And then you can go back to calling yourself whatever name you want.

Well said. If you’re stunning and brave enough to live your best life as a trans person, surely you can muster the bravery to show valid government ID to vote.


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