Biden will feel this one. Oh, who are we kidding, Biden doesn’t even know where he is or what day it is BUT STILL.

Would appear Tucker Carlson has had more than enough of President Turnip smearing, trashing, and vilifying half of this country over and over again in the name of protecting ‘our democracy.’ The fact they’ve spent this much time trying to terrify stupid people into believing a vote for the GOP will LITERALLY END OUR COUNTRY tells us they know they’re in trouble. What’s really sad about this though is there are plenty of stupid people out there who would freeze and starve if that meant Democrats could keep destroying what is left of our country in the name of equity or the climate.

Yeah, they’re stupid for a reason.

Watch this from Tucker:

‘The guy who showered with is daughter is telling you you’re a bad person.’


Yup, he went there.


Tucker truly does NOT GAF.

It’s pretty awesome.


Biden saying that made this editor feel very anxious about the upcoming election … almost as if Sleepy Joe was trying to lay the groundwork to once again put together the largest network of fraud ever.

Remember when he bragged about that? Accidentally, of course.

Hardly ever.

Keep pushing folks.



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