One of my favorite jokes is “world ends; women and minorities hit hardest.”

It perfectly captures the bizarre obsession among the Left with slicing and dicing up the population and assigning outsized importance to favored groups. No matter the issue, some people are important and others should be ignored or denigrated. If you don’t rank high on the “intersectional oppression” matrix you are nothing.

NBC News gives a master class in this type of reporting in the media. Discussing the upcoming elections they actually aired a segment about how voter identification laws disproportionately impact transgender voters. Because of course they do. Jazz wrote about this story yesterday and I just couldn’t resist adding in my $.02.

Break out the violins.

If there is one thing I think we can all agree on it is that transgender folks are not seen in our society. They have no voice. No representation. They are ignored, silenced, kicked out of schools, and now cannot even vote. It’s almost as bad as it is for drag queens, who are notoriously underpaid for exposing their genitals to children and have to beg for tips.

Transgenders are hopelessly oppressed without a single political or cultural voice to speak up for them. And that, we now know, is because they have been denied the right to vote. 

What crap. In today’s America there is no group more privileged than the transgender ideologues.

The President of the United States met with a crowd of them, and was interviewed by a 25 year-old man pretending to be a teenage girl and praised him to the moon.

Not only was this utterly ridiculous and disgusting, but it also pretty much proves that transgender people are doing pretty well in the political representation department. If you can get a sit down with the President of the United States–even one as weak and addled as Biden, you are doing OK politically.

Yet not according to NBC News:

While trans people may face barriers to voting in dozens of states, Tennessee is one of eight where they could face particularly challenging obstacles at the polls this month because of both strict voter ID laws and a simmering culture war, in which transgender people have been thrust to the forefront. This year alone, more than 160 state bills to restrict trans rights have been proposed across the country, according to the ACLU.

“People who might be inclined to harass marginalized voters at the polls are more aware of trans people’s existence,” said Olivia Hunt, the policy director at the National Center for Transgender Equality. “So I expect that we’re going to hear more stories of trans people being harassed, whether by voters, poll workers, poll monitors or other folks who are present during the election.”

Something tells me that I am not the only human being on the planet who simultaneously thinks the transgender craze is insane, and that no transgender or other human being should be subject to random hateful violence? For all the talk about how transgender folks are subject to hate crimes, the examples are, shall we say, rather thin on the ground?

This whole transgender harassment idea is ridiculous. Who is more privileged in today’s America than trans activists?

Voter ID laws can also create problems for trans people in particular, who might change their names and gender presentations as part of their transitions, and updating their IDs would require them to also legally change their names and potentially their gender markers.

There are an estimated 878,300 voting-eligible transgender adults in the U.S., according to a September report from the Williams Institute at the UCLA School of Law, and about 414,000 of them live in 31 states that conduct their elections primarily in person at the polls and also have laws that require or request that voters show some form of ID. Nearly half of the eligible trans voters in those 31 states, about 203,700 of them, don’t have IDs that reflect their gender identities and the names they go by, and 64,800 of them live in states with the strictest voter ID laws, where photo IDs are required with few or no alternatives available, according to the Williams Institute.

NBC News is trotting out yet another Threat to Democracy™ theme, and they get bonus points for genuflecting to the transgender community I suppose.

In a way I have to both applaud and thank them.

  • Applaud, because they are sticking to their ridiculous narrative while it drags their prestige down to the depths of the Mariana Trench. That is commitment, and deserves recognition.
  • Thank, because the more ridiculous our MSM becomes, the more average folks have their eyes opened to how deceptive and out of touch our cultural overlords are.

Over the past two years our economy has gone into the crapper, inflation has skyrocketed, our foreign policy has absolutely collapsed, we are closer to nuclear war than at any point since the 1960s.

Yet NBC is worried about men wearing makeup and dresses having to look like their IDs.

Is it any wonder that the Left is getting shellacked at the polls next week?

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